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Hannity And Guests Distort Muslim Protest To Maximize Fear And Hatred And Coincidentally Distract From Bush’s Failures In War On Terror

Reported by Ellen - July 14, 2007 -

Whenever things are going badly for President Bush, Sean Hannity’s usual method of “defending” him is to ramp up attacks on another person or person. So it was no surprise that one day after it became known that nearly six years into the War on Terror, Al Qaeda is better positioned to strike the west, Hannity would trump up some story to foment fear and hatred of Muslims. Unfortunately for Hannity and his bigoted guests, Alan Colmes quickly exposed the truth. With video.

Hannity & Colmes put off a discussion about the intelligence report on Al Qaeda until later in the show in order to make an overblown account of a Muslim protest in London its top story.

With relish, Hannity introduced the segment by saying that it showed “just how dangerous (Muslim) fanaticism has become. Now take a listen to portions of what were recorded INSIDE (his emphasis) of a London mosque.” According to the notes on the screen, the words of Abu Saif, telling Queen Elizabeth to go to hell, were made June 20, 2007.

In fact, as was revealed during Colmes’ portion of the interview, the recording was not made in the mosque but outside it, at a protest. Furthermore, news accounts show that the protest occurred June 22, two days later than FOX News reported.

The two guests were radio talk show host Rusty Humphries, who made the recordings, and Joseph Farah, editor of World Net Daily, which ran an article about them. Nobody mentioned that the protests were in connection with the awarding of a knighthood to Salman Rushdie. So a viewer might easily have gotten the impression that it was just an everyday Muslim occurrence.

Humphries made no effort to correct Hannity’s mistake and reveal that the recording had been made outside the mosque, also leaving viewers with the idea that the hate-speech had occurred during a service.

Humphries told Hannity, “What I saw was 3000 people cheering and chanting in agreement.”

Farah brought the anti-Muslim hatred closer to home by saying that what happened in “Londonistan” could “just as easily have been taking place in Washingtonistan. You know these types of activities are going on every single day in the United States. Our enemies are here…. And these people are very comfortable.” He added ominously, “I think it’s time that we made them feel a little bit of discomfort.”

During the discussion, a chyron read, “Shocking audio from London mosques reveals Islamist terror agenda.”

What was really revealed was the anti-Muslim agenda of Hannity and his guests.

Farah spoke emotionally about being the grandson of Arabs who had fled the Middle East to “get away from this kind of oppression, this kind of hatred.” But he was promoting the same kind of hatred he claimed to revile. Farah continued, “Here we are, a couple of generations later and we’ve got massive tides of immigration by Muslims into this country. You know, most of the Arabs in this country are still Christians… but that is changing.” I half-expected him to advocate rounding up Muslims into internment camps.

When Colmes took his turn, he said the real question is, “How big is the threat that you’re claiming?” He made it clear that the recording had been made at a demonstration OUTSIDE the mosque (Humphries didn’t deny it) and he read some of his research to indicate that the protesters numbered 100 at most. My own research confirmed Colmes’.

Humphries suddenly forgot all the cheerers and chanters. He told Colmes, “There was about 20 people speaking and there were thousands of people watching them.” Perhaps because he knew he had been cornered, Humphries moved on to attack Muslims in a different way. “And I’ll tell you something else that was shocking to me, was how many women were in full burkas in the middle of London. This is a concern that we can't sit around and not pay attention to."

“Because someone’s in a burka they want to kill us?” Colmes asked.

“Alan, I didn’t say that,” Humphries said. “But I will tell you that they want to change western civilization.” He insisted that mainstream Muslims want Islam to take over.

Colmes asked Farah if, as editor, he had corroborated Humphries' numbers. Farah said “I’d be happy to answer the question” and then avoided doing so. Farah said that his Jerusalem bureau chief had been with Humphries. “He told me this was one of the largest mosques and perhaps THE largest mosque in London. It has thousands and thousands of people who go there. This was Friday night prayers so that place was packed.”

“But they were not the demonstrators,” Colmes pointed out. “They were observers at the mosque… These were people who ignored, according to this report, the (demonstrators) as they filed out of the mosques.”

Humphries said, “Some people left, absolutely. Nobody stood up and said, ‘You’re not speaking in my name.’ Nobody said that you’re wrong. Nobody stood up and said, ‘Hey, stop what you’re doing, you’re hurting Islam. Not one person. Did everybody that was at that prayer meeting stay and participate in the protest? No. But quite a few of them did. Thousands did.”

What happened to the thousands cheering and chanting?