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Are These Guys on Acid?

Reported by Melanie - July 14, 2007 -

One of the segments Neil Cavuto aired today (July 14, 2007) on Cavuto on Business was a roundtable discussion about the "greatest threat to capitalism since the Cold War" -- that being the '08 election. Here are some of the money quotes. After a quick read, I think you'll get the gist of Fox's message.

Charles Payne:

The leading democratic candidates are talking about attacking capitalism, attacking the rich and large corporations, to higher taxes and punitive punishment, big government, and also I think this environmentalist thing is sort of elevating man above God. I think those three things will hurt capitalism.

Payne was obviously having a hard time with that one, and I think there are more than three things there but, whatever.

Cavuto, speaking to Democratic Strategist Laura Schwartz who was talking about economic growth under Clinton:

Laura, you're very smart. You also know that a lot of that growth and a lot of the improvement in the deficit started when Republicans took control of Congress.

Amazingly enough, Schwartz didn't respond to that Big Lie. She really should bone-up on her ammo.

Jay Bowen:

It looks to me like a classic choice between a philosophy based on collectivism and one based on individualism. And this particularly could be serious when you think that, potentially, the anti-prosperity wing of the Democratic party could control both the Congress and the White House.

Comment: This is so wacko that it's almost comedic. And why wasn't Schwartz prepared to talk about the deficit -- on a "business" show? Nonetheless, she did hit a home run when she held up this magazine. That pretty much put the kibosh on the whole discussion in my opinion.