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Vitter Sex Scandal Morphs Into Democrat Smear Session, Giuliani Ties Ignored

Reported by Ellen - July 12, 2007 -

Similar to what Big Story did the night before, Hannity & Colmes’ discussion last night (7/11/07) about Republican David Vitter's sex scandal morphed into a Clinton bash session plus a few false accusations at Democrat Larry Flynt. Meanwhile, just two days after Sean Hannity berated liberals for not condemning the violent talk of an obscure blogger, he welcomed back radio talk show host Curtis Sliwa who, when last seen on Hannity & Colmes, wished for a baseball bat to go after Rose O’Donnell “like a human piñata.” With video.

The 53 year-old Sliwa, still dressed in his adolescent red beret and jacket, asked in his overheated, hyperbolic shout, “I think the more important thing is, who is the muckraker getting this up? Larry Flynt is focused totally on Republicans… He spent lots of moola-schmoola… to muckrake, but not on the Democrats.”

Sliwa was wrong about that, at least according to the Washington Post. They reported:

Flynt has offered to pay $1 million to anyone who can show he or she had a sexual encounter with a member of Congress or a high-ranking government official. He said the offer has produced promising tips… "We have got some high-ranking Republican and Democratic members of the Senate and the House," he told reporters. "If I get just a couple of those phonies out of there, maybe it will be a step forward."

Juan Williams had the best line in the discussion. He said about the “family values” Republicans, "It turns out they had not just a few skeletons in the closet, the closet door was bursting open.”

Hannity, of course, quickly compared Vitter to Bill Clinton and adjudged Vitter less guilty. “Let’s talk about the differences here. They are distinct and they are important…”

All that talk about Clinton and nobody mentioned that Vitter is the southern regional chair of Giuliani's campaign. (H/T Chrish)