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Neil Cavuto Gives his Audience a "Homework Assignment"

Reported by Melanie - July 12, 2007 -

During an interview today with Ann Coulter (who said, by the way, that the Iraq war will help Republicans in '08), Neil Cavuto turned to his audience and gave them a homework assignment: email him a copy of the front page of their local, hometown newspaper tomorrow. He wants to see if they mention (he would prefer a three inch headline) the new all-time high set today (July 12, 2007) on the Dow.

Cavuto also put a note on his website (next to his picture) that reads:

'Your World' Homework Assignment: How much coverage will the mainstream media give to new Dow all-time high? Send Web links from your local paper to: cavuto@foxnews.com.

There though, he left out the part about the front page.

Cavuto claims that the "liberal" media is ignoring how great the economy is, but, when Clinton was in office (just how long is Clinton going to be the fall guy for everything?), they were all over it. Cavuto will undoubtedly show pictures tomorrow of the front page of newspapers from across the country, sans a Dow all-time high headline, and claim, ah ah! Here's proof! The media IS liberal!!

(I don't remember seeing front page headlines in my local newspaper about the Dow during the Clinton years. News about the Dow is always on the business page, not the front page.)

This is the kind of "business news" -- think audience participation in propaganda games -- we can expect to see 24/7 when Fox's new "business news" channel debuts on October 15.