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Hannity's Vanity Obsessed With Smearing Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Reported by Ellen - July 12, 2007 -

Sean Hannity’s vanity must have been deeply wounded by Robert Kennedy’s criticism of him at Live Earth over the weekend because Hannity & Colmes devoted another segment to him last night (7/11/07) with his remarks about Hannity once again front and center as though they were the only important thing that happened there. With video.

Despite the fact that FOX News parent company, News Corporation, has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2010 and engage audiences around the world on the issue of climate change, Hannity and his yes-men producers continue to denigrate global warming concerns and those activating about them. Last night, “Green w/hypocrisy” was shown on the screen during a segment before the Kennedy discussion and “global warming hypocrisy” appeared on a backdrop during it. Hannity complained about Kennedy “taking a shot at me and everyone else who doesn’t buy into his global warming hysteria.”

Hannity announced, during his scripted introduction, that Kennedy had appeared on Your World with Neil Cavuto earlier in the day “falsely claiming that the scientific world is all on the same page.” A clip was shown of Kennedy saying that the science is well settled.

Interestingly, Hannity never refuted that statement, never asked guest Marlo Lewis from the Competitive Enterprise Institute to do so either. Instead, Hannity spent his entire portion of the discussion badgering Kennedy advocate David Roberts, of Grist Magazine, maligning Kennedy and “his twisted and socialized view of the world" and grousing, “I don’t want to be lectured by people about walking to work and riding a bicycle if they won’t give up their Lear Jets.” Hannity could have made the same argument about Senator David Vitter’s “family values” during a previous segment but didn’t… but I digress.

Hannity feigned interest in the topic of global warming but it was quickly clear that his real goal was to denigrate Kennedy and anyone who supports him. So whenever he asked a question of Roberts, Hannity interrupted with bullyboy Hanctimony before Roberts could get out an answer. It’s too bad Roberts didn’t read this excellent blog post about how to appear on shows like Hannity & Colmes beforehand.

When it was his turn, Alan Colmes, who is all too familiar with Hannity's machinations, said, “Look, some of you on the right would like to make this about Al Gore, or Kennedy, and make it personal to them and totally ignore the science that is out there about global warming… Isn’t the real issue the bigger message about what each of us can do to make this a better planet in the long run… Isn’t that what we should be focused on?”

Unfortunately, though, Colmes went to Lewis at that point. Predictably, Lewis went right back to attacking Gore and Kennedy.

Colmes cited a Pentagon report warning President Bush that "global warming is a national security threat, that climate change could lead to anarchy and warfare as a way of life. Was the Pentagon lying?”

Lewis turned snide and sarcastic. “Warfare is too important to be left to the generals. So is climatology. They’re not experts in this science.”

In fact, neither is Lewis, as I discovered. His expertise is in public policy issues.