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O'Reilly calls San Diego Padres "dumb" for inviting gay people and children on the same night, accuses them of "social engineering"

Reported by Chrish - July 11, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly devoted his Talking Points Memo 7/11/07 to bashing the San Diego Padres for holding a hat giveaway promotion targeted at children on the same night they designated "Gay night" or somesuch. O'Reilly tried to have it both ways, claiming there's nothing wrong with "clustering" gays BUT it shouldn't be done in the presence of children. Two guests, Ron Deharte of San Diego Pride and Sandy Rios, a FOX News Contributor and "family values group" Culture Campaign President, argued the issue in the "Top Story" segment. Top Story!!!
With video.

"Thousands of gay adults showed up and comingled with straight families!" Some parents were upset about it, not wanting to "mix the two lifestyles," while others were nonplussed about their kids seeing "people who care about each other and having a good time." "Points" thinks the Padres made a mistake, and said this wouldn't have happened ten years ago. "You can decide if we have made progress or lost our collective minds." Disney started it, he said, and now you'd better check your local listings before you go anywhere.

Points thinks it reasonable for parents to object to public sexual displays at family event. I'll go him one further and say it's reasonable to object to public sexual displays at any public event, but I think he is mistaking affection for sex. He concluded that the Padres probably thought they were being inclusive and politically correct, but actually they were being insensitive and dumb. Secular Progressives will applaud the mixing of gays and kids, but clear thinking people will know it's completely inappropriate.

Tell that to the millions of children of gay couples. Note that in his mind, "S-P"s and clear-thinking people are mutually exclusive categories.

The right-wing guest, Ms. Rios, was vehemently opposed to children being exposed to gay couples, insisting that it is a parent's right to have their child not see any overt gay behavior. (I couldn't help but wonder if she feels that racist parents also have the right to protect their children from seeing brown couples.)

Rios main objection was the "gay night" itself, as she said she had a problem with the "celebration of this choice" and she sees a huge effort to propagate this to our children! Deharte said it's a non-issue, as gays and kids go out to support the Padres every day that games are played.

O'Reilly pinpointed the problem: it's not homosexuals going to baseball games, that would be un-American. It's the concentration of gayness, what he referred to repeatedly as the "clustering" of gay people, on the same night that you coerce children in with hats, that is objectionable to him and Rios.

O'Reilly said that the Padres were "social engineering" by inviting gay people and children on the same night.

It seemed they were all in agreement that anyone can go to any game any night they choose and Rios went so far as to say she wouldn't object to sitting next to a gay couple unless they were making out, and she'd object to a straight couple making out too. But what if the Padres decided to celebrate "Smoking is Fun" night and promoted smoking during the 7th inning stretch? (Video was shown, sound off, of the San Diego Gay Men's Choir.) That would be wrong because smoking is really harmful to your health and what people don't understand is, so is choosing to be gay. Rather than call her out on her craziness, O'Reilly said "But that's their decision."

O'Reilly said he doesn't think the Padres are promoting homosexuality, but they must not be aware of people who object and don't want to explain to their 4-year-olds why 2 men (or women) are kissing. Don't those people have any rights?

O'Reilly gets hung up on the 4 or 5 year old asking and said parents have the right to not have it in their face, sponsored by the Padres and Petco Park. I have a solution. Tell the child they're kissing because they love each other, give him/her a kiss, and forget about it. Sheesh.

O'Reilly got upset, yelling that it was in their face; "Most gays did behave properly, but some were exhibitionistic, sir!" (Remember, kissing, holding hands.)

Rios got the last word after Deharte refused to "cede any points" to O'Reilly, and she said "The radical gay agenda is in the business of removing parental rights and indoctrinating children. I am not overstating this." She was interrupted by O'Reilly who said the San Diegho Padres were not part of the radical gay agenda, "they're just dumb." He told Deharte, angrily, that he could have his gay night, but not on the same night they're giving hats to little kids.

Comment; O'Reilly was trying to look like he's not intolerant of gay people (give him some "independent" cred) but clearly, if he wants children "shielded" from homosexual couples, he's got a problem. He tried to put it on Rios, who was clearly radically homophobic, but several times he gave himself away. Another fair and balanced debate, 2:1.