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Kellyanne Conway’s Ridiculous Attempts To Spin The Iraq War

Reported by Ellen - July 11, 2007 -

During a discussion of John McCain’s campaign defections on last night’s (7/10/07) Hannity & Colmes, Republican Kellyanne Conway’s attempts to blame McCain’s problems on immigration and not his stance on the Iraq war were laugh-out-loud hilarious. With video.

Conway’s first inadvertent knee-slapper came right after Alan Colmes disputed Conway’s claim that it was McCain’s stance on immigration, rather than Iraq, which has hurt him. Colmes said that McCain “keeps going to Iraq and coming back and telling us how safe it is, most recently how safe Ramadi is, and it just is at variance with the facts, when you have 590 US soldiers have died, 3,575 wounded in Iraq since January 10th of this year.”

Conway replied in all seriousness, “Well, it doesn’t mean it’s not safe.”

Later, she claimed that Americans don’t care much about Iraq, anyway. “This country is far less interested in serious policy matters” than in Paris Hilton, Conway said. She added, “Unless Angelina Jolie adopts the next kid from Iraq or North Korea, nobody’s going to be interested in what’s going on.”

Conway is a pollster so she must surely be aware that on poll after poll, Iraq comes up as the most serious issue facing this country and the most important factor in voters’ choices in the 2006 election.

By the way, I was also pleased to note that the other guest, Alexandra Acker of Young Democrats of America, seems to be a worthy replacement for my favorite FOX News Democrat, Jane Fleming.