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O'Reilly claims war opponents joyous over Iraq debacle

Reported by Chrish - July 10, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly is back on The Factor tonight 7/9/07, but he hasn't gotten any new Talking Points. How many ways can he say that the anti-war crowd are Bush-haters, led by the Bush-haters at NBC and the New York Times?
With video.

He cited the recent New York Times editorial that calls for the US to get out of Iraq, a position he himself has been circling for some time now but has yet to commit to. He acknowledged, as he has before, that Iraq is a mess, and the anti-war movement has momentum after four years of sacrifice.

But then he blames the Iraqis for not doing enough to defeat the terrorists and corruption, and said the USA can't control that country - no nation could. (Rather late for that analysis, eh?) Oh, he claims he's been saying this for three years now.

"So, there's joy in far-leftville. The Bush-haters have won a victory. Iraq is not going to become a functioning democracy anytime soon, and Bush will have that on his resume forever."

He further accuses that the far-left, not content with the Iraq debacle, is also seeking to diminish the "war on terror" and labels the NYTimes and NBC as leaders. O'Reilly thinks former CIA officer and terrorism expert Larry Johnson ("some guy") should have been challenged on MSNBC when he did not flip out over the London car bombs, saying that it was "a non-event."
And Frank Rich and "left-wing zealot" Paul Krugman at the New York Times were also called out, Krugman for this truncated quote:

"These days terrorism is the first refuge of scoundrels."
What O'Reilly left out was the rest of the thought,
"So when British authorities announced that a ring of Muslim doctors working for the National Health Service was behind the recent failed bomb plot, we should have known what was coming.

"National healthcare: Breeding ground for terror?" read the on-screen headline, as the Fox News host Neil Cavuto and the commentator Jerry Bowyer solemnly discussed how universal health care promotes terrorism.

While this was crass even by the standards of Bush-era political discourse, Fox was following in a long tradition."

Krugman continues on to discuss "Sicko" and the health care crisis in this country, but he invoked FOX so O'Reilly reflexively attacked.

When O'Reilly continued to sneeringly dismiss the idea that Bush invokes terror in order "to impose fascism or something un-American," saying it is more dopey than even 9/11 conspiracy theories, methinks he doth protest too much. Leaping like Baryshnikov, he alleges that since Iraq hasn't worked, this kind of "far-left insanity" is catching on.

He wrapped up by scolding that all Americans should honor the sacrifice our military has made,
and said he is still "praying for a miracle," but he believes that prayer is not being shared in some precincts.

Comments: The people who protested the invasion and who were anti-war, as a policy, from the start, have won nothing but the right to say "I told you so" but I doubt there is any joy being taken in being right correct. (Not much joy in being "right" these days either, unless you're one of the trolls still living in denial.) O'Reilly must have a hyper-competitive nature to think that people are celebrating not being listened to by their "representative" government who were hustled into a tragically bad decision.