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Outrageous Quote of the Week @ July 7, 2007

Reported by Chrish - July 9, 2007 -

It's always an unfair contest when Miss Me is in the running, so it's no surprise that readers chose Ann "Look at me!" Coulter for last week's most outrageous statement,

"I do think anyone named B. Hussein Obama should avoid using 'hijack' and 'religion' in the same sentence."

After the jump we have a bumper crop of fearmongering, misogyny, scolding, insults, and ignorance - in short, just another week on FOX.

Option A: "I think this election poses the greatest threat to capitalism that this country has seen in a long - since the Cold War. I'm really serious. You know, we have candidates on the Democratic side that are saying they're anti-ownership society, they want to raise taxes. I am afraid of what could happen to corporate America, particularly at a time when the rest of the world is much more competitive." - Charles Payne, discussing whether or not a "President" Fred Thompson would be good for stocks. Cavuto on Business, 7/7/07

Option B: "Well, look it, here's another aspect to this. I mean, these boneheads are out trying to blow up cars. What happens if you get a concerted effort of these radical Islamic doctors who are putting the ebola virus out into their patients? They could take down a city in a day and they have this type of access." - Tobin Smith discussing possibility that national health care would lead to more terror doctor attacks, Bulls & Bears, 7/7/07

Option C: "Maybe if Gore spent more time thinking about offspring, instead of offsets, his son would not have been caught operating a pharmacy-on-wheels at 100 miles per hour. But thank God, he was driving a Prius: the ultimate, pro-environment go-cart. And, by being cuffed in it, he did his part to raise awareness for global warming — just like dear old dad." Greg Gutfeld in a special opinion piece for FOX website, 7/6/07

Option D: "Except for partisans, you can't find three people who live between
Manhattan and Malibu who even know who Lewis Libby is. This is an example of a story that's big in the liberal bubble in Washington. It's not a big story amongst regular folks in the rest of America. [...] "We go to the American people and we ask them if they can pick out Kansas on a map and they can't. We ask them if they can pick out England on a map and they can't. We ask them who the Vice-president is, they don't have any idea. Who's the Secretary of State? "I don't know." Then we go to them and ask them what they think of the Lewis Libby commutation? I don't care what the American people have to say about these things." Bernie Goldberg, The O'Reilly Factor, 7/5/07

Option E: "Of course the Constitution exists at a time of war, but our enemies do not have rights under our Constitution, thank you very much." GOPAC head, FOX News contributor and law school graduate Michael Steele demonstrating a faulty understanding of the US Constitution on Hannity & Colmes, 7/6/07

Option F: "You have a problem with Joe Lieberman because without him, the toughest man in your party is a girl." Jed Babbin to Alan Colmes on Hannity & Colmes, 7/6/07

Option G: "Lately your show has deteriorated into a screaming match for liberal, filibustering women. How about limiting your women to one each show, or even none? Men can demonstrably discuss things politely, sharing the time." An email Neil Cavuto read at the end of his show on Monday, 6/25/07