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Mean Considered Funny On FOX News

Reported by Deborah - July 8, 2007 -

Michelle Malkin was all smiles during the last five minutes of The Factor, 7/6, when the fake news anchors from FNC's comedy show, Half Hour News Hour, appeared for a little fun. Malkin had just interviewed Chad Lowe in the previous segment about Live Earth so she asked the comic minds for their take on the concert and of course, John Edwards' haircut.

Since Live Earth had not happened the comic couple could still pretend it was a complete waste. Kurt McNally ridiculed all the previous concerts claiming they did nothing to help the problems but then he added a nasty thought about the recent Memorial Concert for Princess Di claiming despite the concert she's "still not alive".

When they moved on to John Edwards, Malkin got really animated and joined in. Calling Edwards Breck Girl, Long said Edwards wanted to raise the minimum wage to $9.50 because he thinks that all haircuts cost $1200. Malkin, actually having fun, added , " He looks good fighting poverty with that fluffy hair." Then McNally quipped, " Does he really have to pay $1200. to look better than Kucinich."

These quick wits didn't have time for Al Gore but Greg Gutfeld did a special opinion piece for the FOX website just for the Live Earth occasion. Here's a sample.

"By thinking globally, you neglect locally. It's part of any celebrity crusader — from Sean Penn, to Paul Newman, to Al Gore: Intent on saving the planet, they lose their priorities. Maybe if Gore spent more time thinking about offspring, instead of offsets, his son would not have been caught operating a pharmacy-on-wheels at 100 miles per hour.
But thank God, he was driving a Prius: the ultimate, pro-environment go-cart. And, by being cuffed in it, he did his part to raise awareness for global warming — just like dear old dad! "