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“Hillary Girl” Gets Noticed By Julie – What’s Really Up With That?

Reported by Chrish - July 8, 2007 -

There is usually nothing subtle about Fox News. It is a black and white world (sometimes literally) that packs its propaganda into brief “bumper sticker” messages that appeal to those with a short attention span and limited cognition. But on occasion something gets aired that leaves you saying “whaaa??!!”

Last night (July 8, 2007), Julie Banderas previewed a segment with the tantalizing tease, “there’s a girl who is hot for Hillary” while showing part of a video of a young woman singing about Hillary Clinton. Banderas asked the question, “how is that going to help or hurt Hillary? (comment: not Hillary Clinton, Senator Clinton, or just Clinton). Is this hot for the teacher or hots for Hillary?” Later in the show, there was a second “tease” with Banderas saying “wait till you see the video we found on the net.” This time, the lyrics heard were about the singer’s admiration for “the pantsuit you wear, the shape of your derriere.”

The video was featured at the end of a discussion with conservative writer Hugh Hewitt and liberal former mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown about the 2008 race. Banderas said that she had a video that “one of my viewers insisted ya gotta see.” (Comment: viewer input into the Big Story – interesting) The same “derriere” segment was shown, after which Banderas remarked that the singer has “a hot crush on Hillary.” Banderas remarked that “at one point, she sings “I hope you’re bi, bi-lingual, that is.”

Banderas asked if this helps or hurts Clinton. She noted that the singer, Taryn Southern, was able to get her “15 seconds of fame” with this video. To their credit, both Hewitt and Brown said that videos were fun. Hewitt (who surprisingly asked “how can hot girls hurt?”) put in a plug for a Townhall video site. Brown added that the videos won’t make a difference because “the voting public doesn’t fall for it.”

Comment: In researching this video, it appears to have been done as a spoof of the “Obama Girl” video. Taryn Southern, an American Idol contestant, is involved with media productions and does not seem to be politically motivated. Yet, I got the impression that this Fox feature was being done to communicate not the satirical aspect of the video but the salacious. It was done in such a way that Fox would not be open to the accusation that they were affirming something that is a dirty little part of the conservative opposition to Hillary Clinton. So far this campaign season, Fox has avoided comment on Hillary Clinton’s sexual orientation, a subject that has been written about in several smear books written about the senator. (although Hannity interviewed one such author last year.)

However, in perusing the Internet, I did find a growing body of commentary about this video on Free Republic, where the conservative homophobes were discussing how this video proves that Clinton will be forcing the “gay agenda” on this country – along with other typically ignorant comments. Banderas did comment about the “bi” lyric in the song. So perhaps this airing of the “Hillary Girl” isn’t subtle at all; but just another Fox way to smear Hillary Clinton. I was wondering when the really trashy talk would start and it appears that Fox has fired its first volley. Look for the “Hillary Girl” on other Fox shows. I’m sure Neil Cavuto will love it. For those who have already bought into the slime, this just reinforces it. Fox propaganda – on second thought, not very subtle at all!