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Malkin (yes, again) does O'Reilly proud, demeaning to Immigration Attorney Susan Church

Reported by Chrish - July 7, 2007 -

How annoying is Michelle Malkin? I let out a little cheer when she said Bill O'Reilly will be back Monday. On her ninth night of substitute hosting for BillO tonight 7/6/07 she "interviewed" Susan Church, an immigration lawyer from Boston, about a case involving a suspected illegal immigrant who, upon being released from jail on an unrelated charge, allegedly raped a 15 year-old girl.
With video.

When she was allowed to get a word in edgewise (Malkin controls the conversation so tightly that her guests often sit back in resignation and wait for her rants to finish), Church made the most salient point: Malkin stereotypes and generalizes, and is conflating immigrants and criminals as if they are one and the same.. Since one cop has (apparently) committed a murder, do we assume all cops are murderous?

Malkin had made the point during the Talking Points Memo that there is no systematic, uniform tracking of suspected illegal "alien" suspects and convicts in jails and prisons across this country.

Church refuted that, saying that in her experience (since 1995) ICE agents act over-zealously in putting suspected illegals in custody if they've spent as little as one day in jail. Oh my gosh, said Malkin -she doesn't know which ones Church has talked to, but people she's interviewed say that they've contacted authorities and nobody will answer their calls, nobody ever gets detained, everybody's complaining... For once, Malkin was the interuptee as Church cried "How do I make a living if nobody ever gets detained? I was in court today with somebody who's detained!" malkin counter-interrupted with "I know how you make a living, subverting immigration law!"

Church continued to explain how there is mandatory detention for an illegal immigrant who's got a criminal record from way back (1980) even if the crime he's picked up for is as minor as it gets; even if he is Mother Teresa's best friend, he will not get bond throughout the immigration hearing and will likely be deported. Church essentially accused Malkin of misrepresenting the problem and said the case in point was a fluke. Malkin claimed there are 600,000 criminal illegal "alien" fugitives in the US right now, and more in jail right now who will be released to commit more crimes. She ended the interview with a snooty thank you as Church tried to refute that last assertion.

Another day, another rude Malkin segment complaining about illegal immigrants, shooting down any opposing voice. No matter how deeply involved in the issue the guest/opponent is, Malkin knows better. All viewers get from her is the same thing night after night, never learning anything new. I know, that's the plan, cleverly disguised as a news/talk program. O'Reilly must be so proud.

Kudoes to Church for not rolling over, though I was hoping she'd walk out when Malkin accused her of subverting the law. More people need to flip Malkin off.