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Malkin gets the bird after insulting interview

Reported by Chrish - July 7, 2007 -

Subbing for O'Reilly July 5, Michelle Malkin did a Factor follow-up on O'Reilly's newest gimmick segment "policing the Net." Oh puh-leeze. Just what we need, this sexual pervert telling us what's wrong on the Internet.

O'Reilly highlighted a site that posts pictures of nude young women. How in hell did he choose ONE site out of 5,640,000 (I just Googled "nude young women"). Anyway, the owner/operator was a guest, along with one of his featured females who also happens to be his girlfriend.

Malkin dripped contempt from the get-go. She put them on defensive and demanded to know why they do it. (I was wishing he would ask her why she whores for the right but alas, he didn't.) At the end of the interview she announced haughtily that she wasn't going to thank them, just said "Good bye", and the guest gave her a farewell salute, which FOX blurred. Apparently, though, they missed another hand gesture earlier in the segment.

All he did was gesture what her whole attitude screamed throughout the segment.