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The Right is Using Those UK "Terror Docs" to Terrorize Us About Universal Health Care

Reported by Melanie - July 6, 2007 -

Yesterday Neil Cavuto opened his show with a segment about the "UK terror doctors." He implied that if we turn to universal health care here in the U.S. we'll need more doctors; we might have to recruit some from overseas; they might be "terror doctors;" and they might kill us.

Cavuto continued that theme today (July 6, 2007), in spades.

After a FOX NEWS ALERT, Cavuto opened with a report from London by Rick Leventhal captioned, "FBI: UK Terror Suspects Inquired About Coming to America." That was followed by an appearance by Hugh Hewett, a radio talk show host, and a discussion about whether it's "Time to Add America's Hospitals to Terror Watch List?" Next came Mike Gallagher, another radio talk show host, and Democratic Strategist Sascha Burns in a segment asking, is it "Time to Restrict Muslim Drs. from Entering America?" Brigitte Gabriel, a "terror analyst," pulled up next to discuss, "Why did Muslim Terror Doctors Ignore Hippocratic Oath?"

And that was just first half hour.

Three segments later, Cavuto delivered the coup de gras with a roundtable discussion slamming Michael Moore and SiCKO. One of his guests was a woman named Sally Pipes, author of the book, "Miracle Cure." Pipes said Moore used a clip of an appearance she made on the O'Reilly show and "misrepresented" her. She is an advocate of "free market" health care (which means let the insurance and drug companies screw us any which way they want) and was on to talk about how bad the Canadian health care system is, despite what Michael Moore says about it in his film.

Comment: Those UK "terror docs" handed the right a huge gift and they are using it against us. They're using it to terrorize us about terror and they're using it to terrorize us about reforming our health care system. Michael Moore's film opened on June 29 and those doctors rammed the Glasgow airport on July 1. The timing couldn't have been more perfect and the right is loving it.

By the way, I saw SiCKO just hours before I watched Cavuto today. I don't remember the clip with Ms. Pipes, but the movie was fantastic. See it! You will laugh and you will cry and you will be moved. My favorite line was what an American living in France said, and that was that in France, the government is afraid of the people, but in the U.S., the people are afraid of the government. It's time we turned that around.