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Live Earth Concert Ridiculed On O'Reilly Factor

Reported by Deborah - July 6, 2007 -

Michelle Malkin, filling in all this week for Bill O'Reilly, did the obligatory Live Earth Concert hit piece tonight for O'Reilly and FOX News. It appears that Malkin and O'Reilly never got the memo about Rupert Murdoch's recent pledge to raise awareness of the climate crisis on FNC. Tonight Malkin asked about tomorrow's concert. " Will it do more harm than good?" She then proceeded to do the old standby routine about celebrity jets and carbon footprints until Chad Lowe neutralized her disdain, at least temporarily.

Chad Lowe came on The Factor to talk about the film he made for the concert. Lowe traveled around the country in a hybrid talking to people about the climate crisis and found that 95% were concerned and wanted action even though not everyone agreed on the science. Lowe added that most people thought this should be a non partisan issue bringing everyone together to find solutions. Malkin responded with a doubtful " Hmmm. Will this Live Earth Concert be part of the solution?"

Malkin gave Lowe the same old blah blah about energy waste and Lowe responded with incredible open clarity saying the way the world is now set up " It's hard for any of us not to be hypocrites." He explained the importance of raising awareness enough so people will begin to do little things to make a difference and start calling their representatives demanding change.

Malkin actually seemed to be hearing Lowe for a brief moment and then reverted back. She chiding the "eco sanctimonius" and questioned " spending so much when the science is so shaky." Lowe assured her that he understood because he was friends with Dennis Miller so Malkin gave up with, " Well, hurray for hot air!"

In the last few hours, news came in that the partisan effort led by James Inhofe to keep Live Earth away from Washington D.C. claiming the issue is political, has failed. The D.C. Concert will take place at the National Museum of Indian Culture and Garth Brooks, Sean Hannity's favorite, will be performing there. Malkin must be responding with a double hmmm after that news.

Live Earth Sydney is underway. You can follow the concert as it travels around the earth online.