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Insufferable Boor Jason Mattera Rude to Guest, Misstates Poll Results

Reported by Marie Therese - July 6, 2007 -

As Ellen wrote so well in a prior post, Jason Mattera is a homophobic, rude chickenhawk that FOX News dredges up whenever they need a 20-something conservative to counter some bad news for the Republican Party. That was the case yesterday during FOX & Friends. According to a poll just released by New York Times/CBS/MTV the nation's 17-29 year olds lean left by a margin of almost two to one. Mattera of Young America's Foundation popped up as a guest along with Malia Lazu of Young Democrats of America. In the course of the interview, Mattera once again revealed that his parents did not do enough in his childhood to teach him good manners and proper respect for others. With video.

Brian Kilmeade started things off by admitting that "the younger demographic goes Democrat." Malia Lazu agreed, commenting that it has become important for the Democrats to acknowledge this and to work hard to keep those voters for the future.

Mattera said that as young people get older, they "start to vote with their purses" and therefore shift to the Republican Party. Then Mattera took a giant leap into la-la land when he said that the poll neglected to "show that young people, as opposed to the general public, are more conservative on the issue of abortion and racial preferences. ... They'd rather ban abortion and they are opposed to racial preferences as well which this doesn't take into account."

In saying this, Mattera was misrepresenting a UCLA poll taken in 2003 that indicated that the younger generation has moved more to the center on the issue of abortion. The study does not verify Mattera's contention that young people would rather "ban abortion." Quite the contrary. Those surveyed assumed abortion would continue to be legal,safe and on demand.

The study also showed that, additionally, younger women emphasize a holistic approach, one that takes into consideration the attitudes and experiences of the individual and addresses peripheral issues such as sexually transmitted diseases and the involvement of male partners in the decision-making process. (Source: Washington Post, April 2004)

The Pew Center recently published a study covering American political values and core trends in the years 1987 to 2007. Here is what they had to say on the topic of affirmative action:

"At the same time, the survey records further declines in traditional social attitudes. The poll finds greater public acceptance of homosexuality and less desire for women to play traditional roles in society. Both represent a continuation of trends that have been apparent over the past 20 years, and have occurred mostly among older people. The younger generations have changed the least, as they have consistently expressed more accepting points of view over the past 20 years.

"Divides on some once-contentious issues also appear to be closing. In 1995, 58% said they favored affirmative action programs designed to help blacks, women, and other minorities get better jobs. That percentage has risen steadily since, and stands at 70% in the current poll. Gains in support for affirmative action have occurred to almost the same extent among Republicans (+8), Democrats (+10), and Independents (+14)."

Mattera went on to blame "academia" for the fact that the NYT/CBS/MTV survey reveals that younger people are more tolerant of alternative lifestyles than past generations.

Later he revealed his boorish nature when he told the soft-spoken Ms. Lazu to stop flapping her jaw when she dared to answer one of his statements. He was given more time to talk and then, when Lazu attempted to enter the conversation, once again he whined that she just kept interrupting him. At this point host Brian Kilmeade clearly felt it necessary to make the decision to let Lazu speak.

Kilmeade noted that "42% of the younger generation under twenty-tive feels as though the draft is going to come back." Lazu ansewred that this was "scary" going on to say that young people feel that the Republicans are more likely than Democrats to reinstate the draft. She suggested that the Republicans might want to "look at" this disconnect with young people. She then reminded FOX viewers that health care is an important issue for younger voters because it's a crisis "that we're going to have to clean up."

Kilmeade of course gave Jason Mattera the last word, asking him how the Republicans should reach out to younger Americans.

Mattera responded: "Continue with President Bush's tax cuts. Encouraging economic growth - that's what they should be doing because young people again - health care really doesn't affect them at this age - what we want is to keep our own property. We want to invest in entrepreneurism (sic) and the economy and Republicans should continue to reach out to young voters that way."


Jason Mattera is the the perfect poster boy for the Republican Party - a materialistic, narcissistic, rude, homophobic hypocrite completely out of touch with the attitudes of his own generation.

Why on earth does FOX News even bother with him?

Oh, I forgot.

He fits their profile to a T.