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Non-partisan Live Earth efforts politicized by John Gibson

Reported by Chrish - July 5, 2007 -

Is John Gibson really a completely clueless fool, or is he just playing one on TV? In his My Word of July 3rd he actually asked "What is NBC doing airing dozens of hours of Al Gore's Live Earth concerts this coming weekend?" Hint: it's what Rupert Murdoch would do if given the chance.

Gibson is all wadded up because Al Gore will be getting scads of publicity for his non-political "save the planet - for everyone" message, and Gibson thinks that those who support a fairness doctrine should be hollering for equal time for the flat-earth society. He's been working for FOX so long that he thinks "fair and balanced" means that someone has to air countering nonsense for every truth.

He rants on about how Gore really is running for president, and how he is the original Bush-hater (gee, wonder why?? If anyone is entitled to hate the dictator Decider, it's Gore). Then Gibson asks

"So what's NBC doing giving Gore so many hours of airtime on NBC owned and operated television operations? Does this constitute a political contribution of free airtime? Do the people who want the return of the Fairness Doctrine think NBC should be forced to give equal time to me and let me argue against Al Gore?

I don’t think so."

And why not? Because global warming, no matter how FOX tries to frame it, is not a partisan issue. We are all in the same sinking boat. This is not about Al Gore, it's about bringing the people of the planet together to confront perhaps our greatest challenge. Heavens forbid Gibson put politics and sniping aside for a moment and actually report something that will benefit everyone.

Live Earth will broadcast 7 concerts from 7 cities in 24 hours on 7/7/07. The Live Earth schedule is here. Live Earth concerts will be broadcast to a live worldwide audience by MSN at www.LiveEarth.MSN.com.