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Gibson attaching Bill to Hillary like it's a bad thing

Reported by Chrish - July 5, 2007 -

On The Big Story today 7/5/07 in the My Word segment host John Gibson bashed the Clintons and in doing so, propped up Barack Obama. Relatively speaking, of course. This probably has more to do with Obama's Q2 fundraising dominance and hatred of Hillary Clinton than with any real respect for him.

Gibson distanced himself immediately from Obama, saying

"I am not personally a supporter of Barack Obama, but I think anyone can see his general appeal. [...] I could give you a list of what I don't like about him, but let's just say it's his voting record and leave it at that."

Gibson paraphrased what Obama said,

"I admire Bill Clinton. I think he did a lot of fine things as president and he's a terrific political strategist," the Illinois senator said in an interview with The Associated Press. "What we're more interested in is in looking forward, not looking backward. I think the American people feel the same way. They are looking for a way to break out of the harsh partisanship and the old arguments and solve problems."
into dummy-speak for his viewers:
"Obama said: Haven't we had enough of those guys?"

He further interpreted

"He's saying, look, elect Hillary and you get Bill and Hillary, and who can forget those wonderful years of investigations, partisan warfare and impeachment?

Newt Gingrich famously gave the Democrats a line for running against Bush: Had enough?

Obama learned something from Newt. He's asking: Want more? Want more two-for-one, want more Arkansas land dealings, want more lost billing records, want more girls with pizza, cigars and outright denials of the truth? Obama is saying, elect them and you get all that stuff or stuff like it all over again. Elect me and you get something different.

You have to admit, it's got appeal to virtually anybody."

News flash for Gibson and his dummies: People hold Republicans accountable for the fruitless, tawdry witch hunt that dogged the Clintons all those years. Please, do bring Whitewater back up, and the blue dress and Ken Starr. Let everyone see. Hillary is not Bill; she didn't cheat, she didn't lie about it, and she stood by her marital vows. And Clinton gave us peace and surpluses. Please, bring it up.