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FOX Does Another Haircut Smear Story About John Edwards

Reported by Deborah - July 5, 2007 -

Laurie Dhue was delighted to report that there was a new report of John Edwards getting a $1200 haircut reminding viewers ,who perhaps can't multiply, that this haircut was three times more than his $400 cut that FOX had previously milked to death. Major Garrett was all ready with a cutesy little piece designed to ridicule Edwards but the report lacked some important background information that would change the tone considerably.

Garrett reported that the hair stylist responsible for Edward's infamous $400. haircuts revealed that he had charged Edwards as much as $1200. for his services. Garrett did a funny little goof about his own bad hair days and then ran the video clip of Edwards primping with the "I Feel Pretty" soundtrack. Then at the end of the spot which made Edwards look frivalous and vain, he quickly mentioned that the stylist said some of the fee went to travel expenses.

Beverly Hills stylist Joseph Torreneuva told the Washington Post that one of Edward's haircuts cost $1250. because he had to fly to Atlanta to do it and miss two days of work. He said he normally charges $175 for a cut in his salon but started to charge Edwards between $300 to $500 plus travel expenses. Torreneuva claimed he was hurt that Edwards referred to him as " that guy" suggesting that as a reason to go to the Washington Post adding that he didn't want to hurt Edwards.

comment: We all know this is a ridiculous non story but as noted in the Washington Post article, it will do a lot of damage to Edwards. The carefully produced and edited bit by Major Garrett was of course designed to do as much damage as possible. Leaving out the background story about the insulted hair stylist lashing out after feeling rejected and barely mentioning the expenses included in the $1250 price were certainly deliberate.

Since FOX News is a Republican network and has a special vendetta against Edwards this smear is not surprising.However, if these absurd attacks aren't acknowledged and denounced, FOX and the GOP will continue chipping away at all the candidates until all of them seem slightly distastful to the swing voters.

John Edwards felt like he needed this particular hair stylist to campaign with confidence . The average person, myself included, can't relate to paying that much for our hair but we're not being scrutinized on a daily basis like Edwards.

Of course, if he had a lousy haircut FOX would be the first ones to bring in a stylist to talk about his poor grooming while praising Mitt Romney for his incredible coif. Actually, here's a segment FOX did about candidate hair back in 2004 from our archives.