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Cavuto Sprinkles Some Sex Into all That Terror

Reported by Melanie - July 4, 2007 -

Several weeks ago when Paris Hilton was in the news 24/7, it was almost as if Fox's "business news" anchor, Neil Cavuto, was airing video of the advertisement she made for the hamburger chain, Carl's Jr., on a daily basis. After Hilton was released from jail on June 26 and the Hilton blitz tapered off, Cavuto aired the video less often but he found a way to work it on June 27 and again today (July 4, 2007). Hinting (loudly) at what constitutes "business news" on Fox, during today's "Fox Stox" segment, Cavuto reported that Hilton posted an entry on her MySpace page urging people not to drink and drive. The video aired as Cavuto spoke, showing images like this, and this, and this.

Comment: Thus far this has been a week of "terror" on Your World. He has done segments with titles like,

- Terror Chatter: Is a 'Spectacular' Event Imminent?
- Terror & Holiday Travel: What Fliers Need to Know
- Putin Biggest Terror Threat to America?
- Impact of Terror Scares on 2008 Campaign
- Why are Dem Candidates so Quiet About Terror Scares?
- Muslim Groups Outraged Over Criticisms After Terror Scares
- Britain Reduces Terror Threat Level
- Britain's PM: The Term 'War on Terror' May Upset Muslims,

and it's only Wednesday.

This guy picks up the tiniest tidbit about Hilton and turns it into "news" just so he can air that ad. His ratings must go up when he airs it or maybe they just stay up because people watch every day hoping to see it again. You know, take a break from all that terror. (They've never had to wait long. The ad debut in May, 2005 and Cavuto has probably aired clips 25 or 30 times since then.) Hey, who knows, maybe the owner of Carl's Jr. is a big GOP campaign donor. And as for today's "news," an added bonus is that Hilton posted on MySpace, which is owned by Cavuto's boss, Rupert Murdoch.