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Sean Hannity and Dick Morris Still Loyal To The Clintons After All These Years

Reported by Deborah - July 3, 2007 -

Sean Hannity and Dick Morris should be recognized for their loyal unwavering devotion to Bill and Hillary Clinton. These true blue fellows remain unphased by Clinton accomplishments or Bill Clinton's planetary popularity. In their eyes, the Clintons will always be scum and although this neverending hate may be tedious to most, their focus and resolve should be acknowledged. Tonight they teamed up for still more speculation, innuendo, and premonitions of Clinton defeat but tonight was special because Campaign Carl Cameron got to join in. 7/2/07

It seems Hannity and Morris were anxiously awaiting Bill and Hillary Clinton's campaign stop in Iowa. Morris was sadly deprived of an opportunity to do a live play by play of the appearance, which Hannity, called the "Bill and Hill Show", because The Clintons were 45 minutes late.

While they waited, there was the usual speculation. Hannity claimed that Hillary is in real trouble and needed Bill to save her. He fired off the numbers of all the people from every concievable demographic who would never vote for her concluding of course that she was doomed.

Dick Morris got all excited about his most recent Clinton theory which everyone had heard before at least once. He claimed Hillary needed to absorb Bill's experience by "osmosis" so the voters believe she's been in public life adding that Obama had been in public life longer than Hillary. He decided to add some zing saying that when they appear together they become "The Clintons"

Then it was Campaign Carl's turn announcing, "They're back!" He did the double edge sword schtick about Bill overshadowing her and bringing up memories of the 90's. Obviously, Campaign Carl doesn't realize how wonderful the 90's look to most voters.

Alan Colmes was pretty quiet and who can blame him after hearing the same crapola a million times. At one point, he appeared to remind them that Hillary was leading in the polls probably hoping a little reality would help. Morris answered " Yes, but ....." and he was off again. Hopefully, Colmes keeps a good supply of reading material off camera for times like this.