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O'Reilly's "Shut up!" = Malkin's "Stop, stop, stop!"

Reported by Chrish - July 3, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly better watch out and stop all the vacationing because guest host Michelle Malkin is mastering all his slick interview techniques. She overtalked, monopolized, controlled the permissible language, and in so many words told her guest to shut up.
With video.

Immigration lawyer Richard Herman was silenced and dominated by the ungracious anchor so what the audience got was a loud refutation of politely forwarded ideas. Herman wants the US government to stop deportations and immigration raids. As he expounded on why he thinks we need comprehensive immigration reform first, Malkin interrupted him, "Stop right there," to forbid further use of the phrase "comprehensive immigration reform" because, she pronounced, it is meaningless. When he started to argue that being "against amnesty" is a bumper sticker, she said "stop, stop, stop!" As he continued she persisted in controlling his speech, "whoa, whoa, no, no, stop, stop. Stop, stop, stop."

Her tone continued to be confrontational and condescending (does she even have another tone?) and as he tried to answer her challenge, she interrupted, overtalked, and went on another monologue.

When he, in explaining his view, used the relevant phrase "globalization of labor" she shot him down again, saying they weren't talking about that. (Gotta keep the "conversation" in a tightly controlled box lest too much information seep out.) She allowed him to speak about ICE procedures for a minute (well, 40 seconds or so). He said that "Operation Return to Sender" is kind of a jack-booted effort to get people with filed deportation orders, and that may be OK, and arguable, and he'll give her that point. But his complaint is that ICE is over-reaching and claiming that they are legally obligated to ask people "in the zone" of a targeted arrest what their legal status is, and Herman said that's not legally factual - they're not required to ask.

The bottom line, he said, is to secure the borders and to have immigration policy that serves our economic growth. He was going to add to that but Malkin cut him off saying they were out of time, but she got the last word and indignantly said she's "not going to let (him) smear ICE agents as jackboots."

Comment: Immigration issue aside, her control and treatment of her guest, a lawyer in the field who has expertise in the subject, were excellent examples of FOX's unfair and unbalanced presentation of issues. She did O'Reilly proud; no wonder she's his favorite substitute.