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Kirsten Powers, a "Liberal" Fox News Analyst, Defends Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity

Reported by Melanie - July 2, 2007 -

Kirsten Powers, one of the "liberals" on the payroll at Fox television and Fox radio, sided with the Rush Limbaughs and the Sean Hannitys of the world today (July 2, 2007) regarding bringing back the Fairness Doctrine and in doing so she coughed up the right wing talking point. Ah yes, Ms. Powers is Fox's kind of "liberal."

Opening a short segment on Your World w/Neil Cavuto (yea, that "business news" show), Cavuto introduced Powers:

I never thought I'd see the day my next guest would be defending the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. What about the likes of that Sean guy, huh? But the current push by Democrats in Washington to muzzle [not an accurate description of what the movement aims to do] conservative radio show hosts has at least one liberal, Kristen Powers, speaking out. Kirsten, of course, a Fox News Political Analyst and guest host of Fox News Radio's "Brian & the Judge."

So, you're saying this has gone a little too far? What do you mean?


I just think it's a bad reaction...the fact that they [Feinstein, Kerry] think that this is the way to remedy a problem is troubling to me. ... If one part of the media isn't working for you, then you need to figure out a way to compete in that part of the media. You can't just decide that it's overwhelmingly conservative and therefore we'll just use the government to go in there and do some heavy handed...basically do our job for us to make it better for Democrats.

Cavuto, restating the conservative refrain that Democrats and liberals are boring and don't "sell" on talk radio, asked: "So, you're saying get more compelling personalities who do rate? Who do elicit a following?"


Yes. Of course, or not. I mean, if you don't, then don't, but don't use the government to fix it and you also don't come out and make all these arguments about how important it is to be balanced when they know perfectly well that the major newspapers that we read in the country don't have any, hardly have any, conservative columnists. The New York Times has one conservative columnist. If balance is so important and so critical to debate, then how do you explain the fact that the newspaper that they read every single day doesn't provide that kind of balance?


I do think that they have to be realistic about the fact, they have to really look at why they're not being successful and the fact that they have such disdain for people who listen to talk radio probably is a pretty good idea on what's going wrong.

Comment: Looks like Powers has been hanging around Fox w-a-y too much. I'm not sure that reinstating the Fairness Doctrine per se is the way to go but the airwaves belong to the public and talk radio is overwhelmingly dominated by conservative talk. Conservative talk fosters the notions of the power elite so it's no wonder radio station owners want to push that line of thinking. Brainwashing people into keeping those in power now, in power longer, is a good thing for corporate owners and conservative talk helps accomplish that. Of course corporate owners are scared to death of liberal talk and of course they don't want roughly half of their on-air talkers discussing things like unions and corporate power and the military industrial complex and the unfair distribution of wealth in this country. Today, Fox's alleged "liberal," having bought the conservative spin about liberals not being talk radio material, got into bed with the corporate owners whose dominance depends, in part, on flooding our airwaves (and our brains) with the conservative, corporatist point of view. Powers is no liberal and don't count her as one when you're trying to claim that Fox is "fair and balanced."