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FOX Defends Norm Coleman's Pot Smoking By Smearing Obama and Franken

Reported by Deborah - July 2, 2007 -

After the recent revelation that anti drug Senator Norm Coleman, R. Minn ,smoked pot in college, Fox & Friends did a segment on candidates who admitted to past pot smoking bringing Barack Obama and Al Franken into the mix with Coleman. Christine O'Donnell did an intense spin job for FOX claiming that Coleman's confession showed noble intent unlike Al Franken and Barack Obama. Alisyn Camarota encouraged O'Donnell's motor mouthed defense of Coleman while Kirsten Powers looked on in disbelief and barely concealed annoyance.

Although the revelation about Norm Coleman's college pot smoking was recent news, F&F approached the story as if he were a minor character and Obama and Franken were the ones in question. Al Frankens history on SNL was brought up to suggest that he must have done a lot of drugs. Cocaine was tied to Obama and Clinton's ancient "I didn't inhale" line was used.
The inflammatory teases were in present tense. " Are drug using candidates cool?" "Do you have to be a drug user to get elected?"

Kirsten Powers did a great job trying to expose their overt bias. Powers commented that people really didn't care what candidates did in college and even commented about Bush's alcholism but not his cocaine use.

O'Donnell disagreed claiming that a candidates past was very important as well as his response to the past behavior. She praised Norm Coleman for his response expressing regret about his past behavior suggesting that Obama and Franken lacked proper responses.

It was actually fascinating watching O'Donnell's slick but incredibly transparent snow job convincing viewers that Franken and Obama are suspect and poor Coleman is being unfairly judged and has actually used his youthful indiscretion to help others.