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Neil Cavuto Takes a Stab at Comedy

Reported by Melanie - July 1, 2007 -

Yesterday (June 30, 2007) during one of Fox's Saturday morning "business news" programs, Cavuto on Business, Neil Cavuto said something so hypocritical that well, I guess the guy is turning into a comedian.

Cavuto and his roundtable guests were discussing immigration and border security. Democratic strategist Laura Schwartz was one of the panelists and when her turn to speak rolled around, she said,

There are two pivotal pieces of legislation right now in the congress that the Republicans are blocking, yet again. One of those is the 9/11 security recommendations. It's been six years since that horrible attack and it's been three years since we got the recommendations so that, God help us all, it doesn't happen again.

It took the Democratic congress to act on that and it passed -- bipartisan -- in the House and Senate, and now -- [crosstalk]. Wait! Wait! Charles, let me finish this. And you know what? Mitch McConnell, the lead Republican in the Senate right now, is blocking it.

The other piece of legislation is the homeland appropriations...

Cavuto bursts in with this hilarious sentence:

Ah, Laura, I don't want to make this about politics.

(My emphasis.)

Comment: It is never funny, of course, when Cavuto pulls this oft-used tactic of interrupting a guest when they're telling the truth about Republicans, but I must admit, all I could do was laugh when I heard him say he didn't want to turn an issue into politics. After all, that's all he does. That's why Fox was created for God's sake.