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FOX News Makes Political Hay Out of The London Car Bomb Plot, Pt. 3, By Demonizing Muslims

Reported by Ellen - July 1, 2007 -

In the third Hannity & Colmes segment Friday night (6/29/07) devoted to the London car bomb, the sole guest was Brigitte Gabriel, aka “The Shrieking Muslim Hater.” Whatever the question, Gabriel answers it by shrieking about how horrible and how dangerous Muslims are. Naturally, she’s a favorite of Sean Hannity. With video.

The chyron on the screen read, “Are Muslim extremists in London to blame for this plot?” One wonders why FOX News bothered to put it in the form of a question. With a single guest like Gabriel, there’s only one answer. And, just in case the audience doubted her opinion, the chyron under her name said, “Terrorism Expert.” However, the audience never found out what kind of credentials she had.

She was introduced only as the author of a book that, conveniently for her, was promoted on the screen. But the ordinarily upbeat Publishers Weekly wrote in their review of her book, “With strident confidence… (and) consistently using the words ‘Muslim’ and ‘Arab’ as if they were interchangeable… Gabriel's strict dichotomy between "evil versus goodness" is too extreme to be informative.” Not exactly the kind of person you would expect a “real journalism, fair and balanced” news network to present as a sole authority on the issue.

She is, however, exactly the kind of person Sean Hannity would want as a sole authority. As he talked about “an epidemic sweeping (the UK)," he disingenuously asked Gabriel if radicals “could somehow be involved” in the London plot.

Predictably Gabriel spent every possible second of her nearly five minutes of airtime shrieking about the dangers posed by Muslims. She may be the only FOX News pundit who spends more time than Hannity fomenting hatred toward them. “People are underestimating the nature of the threat… We are deluding ourselves in the west to think, ‘Oh, it’s only a small minority.’”

Alan Colmes asked pointedly if it wasn’t too soon to start pointing fingers at any particular group, especially when we don’t know anything about who was responsible.

It’s probably never too soon for Gabriel to start pointing fingers at Muslims. She quickly turned her answer into another round of accusations and insinuation. “We can be clearly pointing the finger, for example, at somebody called Barrett who was arrested and convicted in Britain one year ago.” Then, either in an inadvertent slip that she’s more than just an author and “expert” or in an attempt to bolster her condemnation, she said, “We estimate in the intelligence community almost 99% that it is related to Al Qaeda.”

Colmes pointed out that the Muslim Council of Britain, the largest Muslim organization in that country, was urging Muslims to co-operate with the investigation and help find the perpetrators. “I think it’s important that we show that Islam isn’t just about radical jihad and that a very large, responsible Muslim group in England is saying ‘co-operate.’”

But Gabriel One-Note used even that as a pretext for another shrieking jag of reproach.

"Brigitte, always good to see you," Hannity said at the end of the segment.