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Malkin subs for O'Reilly, scolds far-left, Edwards, and NYTimes. Heckuva job.

Reported by Chrish - June 30, 2007 -

Michelle Malkin, subbing again for O'Reilly on the Factor, used the Talking Points Memo today 6/29/07 to scold about people hiding their heads in the sand about the real threat of terrorism. Any time a violent plot is uncovered or interrupted the radical right hysterically choruses "we told you so!" and accuses the saner citizens of not being terrified enough.
With video.

One woman close to the plot had this to say to the AP:

"I know you can't live your life being scared," Natalie Huntley, 28, a tourist from Adelaide, Australia, said outside St. Paul's Cathedral even as police investigated another suspicious vehicle parked on nearby Fleet Street. "You've just got to keep going, don't you?"

Malkin, of course, just wants to claim the terror issue as her own (she being representative of the far right, although I believe she describes herself as "conservative." ) In that vein, she twisted yesterday's foiled plot in England into an attack on John Edwards and the New York Times, repeating talking points that they don't "get it."

Again, people on the left are relieved that good police work and alert citizens prevented what could have been a massacre, and await word from British authorities about the who-why-how aspects. Then we'll carry on, working for progressive values of cooperation, justice, fairness, and peace. Malkin can keep on being a condescending scold, working towards more divisiveness, control, and domination.