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FOX News Makes Political Hay Out Of The London Car Bomb Plot, Pt 2: Using It To Drum Up War Against Iran

Reported by Ellen - June 30, 2007 -

No matter how far fetched, Sean Hannity will use almost any topic related to terrorism or the Middle East as an excuse to drum up war fever against Iran. Last night (6/29/07), on Hannity & Colmes, he used the foiled London car bombs. With video.

As of the airing of the show, nobody knew who had made the bombs or why but neither Hannity nor the sole guest, John “I want war against Iran” Bolton, were about to pass up the opportunity to use it to stir up a little war fever.

First, Bolton ratcheted up the fear. “Let’s be clear, this kind of terrorist attack, if it’s possible in London, is possible in any major American city,” Bolton told Alan Colmes.

Bolton went on to endorse cameras on the streets and said, chillingly, that with respect to the right to privacy, “I think there’s a lot of leeway, perhaps, we’re not using fully in this country.”

Bolton and Hannity raised the fear factor as they talked about terror cells right here in the U.S.

Sure enough, Hannity insinuated that Iran might have something to do with the bombs. He asked Bolton, “Do you see a connection between Al Qaeda and Iran, Ambassador? (Even though nobody has determined there’s a connection between the car bombs and Al Qaeda.) For example, when we look at, you know, they’re responsible for funding the insurgency in Iraq, they’re now supporting the Taliban, they’re supporting Hezbollah and Hamas, issues we have dealt with right here with you on this program. Do you see a connection between Al Qaeda and Iran that we need to be concerned about?”

Apparently, even Bolton wasn’t prepared to come out and say so. But why let that stop a little warmongering? He answered, “Well, I think Iran has demonstrated by its behavior it’s willing to support, fund and arm anybody that’s prepared to go after the United States and its friends and allies. So I hope in the course of this investigation in the UK, they’re looking at all the possibilities. Iran is pushing out and, unfortunately, we’re not pushing back hard enough.”