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O'Reilly proclaims not blaming the victims as he blames the victims

Reported by Chrish - June 29, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly wasn't blaming the victims in his Talking Points Memo Wednesday night 6/27/07. We know this because he said so:

"Now I'm not blaming the victims here, but I am saying that every one of us has to make smart decisions especially when children are involved."
However, he elaborated that Jessie Davis and Nancy Benoit, both murdered last week, should have known the men they were with were "troubled and chaotic" and should have gotten themselves and their children out of that situation.

Duh, why didn't they think of that? It's so simple!

Really, could he be any more condescending and callous towards women who find themselves in that situation? He reiterated that he's not blaming them :

"Again, no one is blaming Jessie Davis and Nancy Benoit for the crimes. The women should be alive today, but those ladies made big mistakes. They were obligated to protect their children. And I submit by allowing the chaos, they did not protect them."

Oh, he's not blaming them for the crimes, just for allowing themselves to be victims. Maybe "she was a child of privilege, all of a sudden she's in with a ... charismatic thug(s), and she enjoyed it." Maybe "there was an element here that (they) liked about (their) circumstances." Maybe O'Reilly is completely ignorant about the dynamics in dysfunctional, abusive relationships where a woman and child(ren) are dependent, and should just offer condolences and shut up.