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Fox Lies & Propagandizes About Al Qaeda in Iraq in Pre-Invasion Style

Reported by Melanie - June 29, 2007 -

Yesterday George Bush made a speech at the Naval War College in Pennsylvania. In it, Bush referred to Al Qaeda "at least 27 times," and he said Al Qaeda is "the main enemy" in Iraq, "an assertion rejected by his administration's senior intelligence analysts." Today (June 29, 2007), Fox took Bush's ball and ran with it. Fox used the news about the two cars filled with explosives that were found in London to lie and propagandize in pre-Iraq-invasion mode about fighting Al Qaeda there, rather than here. But again, according to Bush's own intelligence agents, al Qaeda was not in Iraq before we got there and, as most of us know, Iraq had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11.

Fox's "premiere business news" show is the program I'm talking about. It was all terror, all the time today, but the cream of the crop was a segment featuring Rick Santorum and Frederick Kagan, of AEI, a very scary guy indeed, who agreed with everything Santorum said and seemed to be on solely to use the words "Al Qaeda" as many times as possible.

Cavuto introduced the two with this lie:

Well, are these scenes in London a reminder that we shouldn't be getting cold feet over here? Two prominent Republican senators this week saying that the war on terror in Iraq is all but a lost cause. My next guests say, bad message.

(My emphasis.)

After introducing Santorum and Kagan, Cavuto turned to Santorum:

Senator, you paid dearly at the polls for your unwavering stance on terror, ah, there were other factors of course, but what do you make of that now that maybe the read here is a mixed one to potential bad guys?

Santorum said, "I don't think it's a mixed one at all. I think it shows that the American public...even Republican politicians are signaling retreat. Signaling weakness. ... When America's strong and we fight...we can be safer here. ... When we're weak, like we were when they attacked our embassies in Africa [think Clinton], they hit us again." Gordon Brown is "in retreat mode...and they see weakness...they see it as an opportunity to exploit, and they have."

Moving on to say-Al-Qaeda-as-many-times-as-possible-Kagan:

"I think that's absolutely right. I think we are in the process right now of defeating Al Qaeda in Iraq...we're doing very well against Al Qaeda, we're scoring a lot of victories. If we pull out...and back off, we will hand Al Qaeda a terrific victory, which they will exploit."

Cavuto said the "argument from many Democrats and even those moderate Republicans [Moderate Republicans? Why aren't they cut-and-run, wimpy Republicans?]...is that's a separate battle over there...protecting our land and cities here is another."

Back to Santorum: "Well, that's just folly. ... These people are very clear about what they say they are going to do. ... The reason they're doing it there is because we brought the fight to them. If we stop bringing the fight to them, they will bring the fight to us and we'll pay a very, very heavy price."

And finally, back to Mr. Al Qaeda: "The Iraqi government right now...is a terrific ally in the war on terror. There have been more Iraqis killed fighting Al Qaeda than I think of any other state, or any other nation in the world. And the question is, are we going to stand by them? Are we going to work with this ally who's working with us against Al Qaeda or are we going to let them down? ... Who will ever think we'll stand by them when Al Qaeda hits them?"

Comment: It would take me four days to unravel the six years of lies and spin contained in this segment. Our president is lying to us and all three of these men told lie upon lie upon lie to us. This is a crime any way you look at it in my opinion. How Bush, Cavuto, Santorum, and Kagan can look themselves in the mirror, I'll never know. If the human race survives long enough such that we can look back on these times, these people will go down as dark, evil players.