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Bill O'Reilly: "Michael Moore Is Dodging Us"

Reported by Deborah - June 29, 2007 -

Michael Moore's film, Sicko opened today, 6/29 , so most likely he's been busy talking with interviewers, other than Bill O'Reilly, who would actually encourage people to go see it. Nevertheless, O'Reilly is egotistical enough to believe that Moore has been "dodging" him because he's afraid to face an O'Reilly style interrogation. On 6/27, Martha Kuhl, California Nurses Association, appeared on The Factor to talk about universal healthcare and O'Reilly opened the segment with, " Michael Moore is dodging us".

Martha Kuhl, California Nurses Association, did an admirable job dealing with O'Reilly. It was obvious that Kuhl had no political agenda that BOR could attack. She was very clear that she believed everyone had the right to medical care and there were no excuses or exceptions. Although, O'Reilly's arguments were totally predictable, Kuhl didn't falter once and her compassion and dedication made BOR's arguments seem callous, selfish and petty.

Of course he opened with, " Does the government owe every American healthcare ?" using that tone of self righteous authority. However, Kuhl answered " yes" like it was a no brainer and the only rational response possible which had even more authority.

Then came the in inevitable challenge from BOR. " If you say that, you're into socialism." Kuhl countered that the fire department doesnt stop to get your card before they put out a fire.

O'Reilly went to his subtle suggestion that the people without health insurance are irresponsible asking Kuhl about the smokers and drug addicts. Kuhl hit back that we could easily do more preventive care if everyone was covered.

He was running out of challenges so he claimed the government would never be able to handle it saying it would be " a chaotic mess" pointing out the medicare fraud. Kuhl calmly explained that presently 30% of health insurance revenue goes to overhead while only 3% is spent for medicare operations making it more efficient and cost effective.

O'Reilly made sure to remind viewers with a knowing chuckle as if he had won the debate with Kuhl that Michael Moore was dodging him.

Tonight,6/29, Larry King announced at the beginning of his interview with Michael Moore that early reports were in and Sicko is a major hit at every movie theater across the country.