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Cavuto Validates the Concerns of WSJ Journalists Regarding What Rupert Murdoch Might do to Their Newspaper

Reported by Melanie - June 28, 2007 -

Wall Street Journal reporters staged a nationwide no-show this morning (June 28, 2007) to protest the potential buyout of their newspaper by Rupert Murdoch. In a press release issued by the journalists, they say they,

...[W]ant to demonstrate our conviction that the Journal's editorial integrity depends on an owner committed to journalistic independence.

If Fox's "business" reporting is any indication, they have reason to be concerned about journalistic independence and, for that matter, the future of journalism at the WSJ as a whole.

Neil Cavuto, Mr. Fox Business News, has given numerous, fairly detailed reports, particularly over the last six or seven days, about the progress of the negotiations between Murdoch and the Bancroft family, the owners of the Dow Jones (the parent company of the WSJ). Though rumblings amongst the reporters at the WSJ began almost immediately after Murdoch made his initial purchase offer, Cavuto has never mentioned that aspect of the story. Mr. Fox Business News didn't mention today's dramatic development either. Just imagine, a no-show strike at the Wall Street Journal! Now that's business news if I ever heard it. Not at Fox. Cavuto elected not to tell his audience that there are some who think Murdoch is toxic to journalistic independence and not one who truly delivers "fair and balanced" news.

So, the concerns of the WSJ reporters are spot-on and Fox Business News is proving them right every day that this aspect of the proposed deal is kept off the air.