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Bill O'Reilly and Dick Morris Claim Elizabeth Edwards Call A Premeditated Campaign Move

Reported by Deborah - June 28, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly, angry that Elizabeth Edwards refused to come on his show, claimed her call to Coulter on Hardball was just a set up to raise money. Dick Morris took it to the next level claiming it was a move designed to remind people that Mrs. Edwards has cancer. 6/28/07

Dick Morris told O'Reilly the call from Edwards to Coulter was a "good move" for the Edward's campaign because it offered " two opportunities". He explained that Ann Coulter is a " red flag" to liberals and also it was effort to give Elizabeth Edwards " center stage" adding that Edwards went way up in the polls when she 'courageously" announced her fight with... At this point, BOR started talking over Morris to obviously muffle the end of the sentence and a mention of cancer.

BOR started to talk about how the Edwards campaign was using the Coulter incident for fundraising but Morris wanted to stay on the point claiming the campaign was thinking, " We will reinject the Elizabeth factor."

O'Reilly tried to shift the discussion complaining again that Edwards had refused his invitation to talk about Coulter adding she would have gotten a thousand times more coverage on The Factor. Morris explained that BOR's audience was limited politically and she was scared of him because the interview would be uncontrolled.

Then Morris went back to some more insensitive speculation about an interview planned with NBC. He thought NBC would be easy on Edwards because she's a wife and the cancer and so on.

O'Reilly really needed to shift the discussion fast so he brought up the Senate and immigration giving Morris a chance to bash Hillary Clinton. He took the bait and was content to start talking about something horrible Hillary wanted to do.

comment: Dick Morris trapped in his political mindset has lost his humanity and can only think in terms of campaign strategy and manipulation. Bill O'Reilly let him get away with his disgusting speculation out of spite. There is little doubt that if Elizabeth Edwards had agreed to come on his show, BOR would have behaved much differently.

Elizabeth Edwards called Coulter because she was angry and fed up. I applaud her courage.