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Shepard Smith Does No Spin Report Of Coulter v Edwards While Ticker Does Dirty Work

Reported by Deborah - June 27, 2007 -

Today on Fox Report , Shepard Smith gave a short factual report of what happened between Ann Coulter and Elizabeth Edwards without judgement, analysis or commentary.It seemed like he just wanted to get through it without spin. However, the news crawl at the bottom of the screen offered a slightly biased version for viewers.

Both Smith and the news ticker mentioned Coulter's " anti-gay slur" when she called Edwards a faggot at a Republican event a few months back and her recent comment about him being killed by terrorists. Smith also noted that Coulter accused Edwards of using her "jokes" to raise money. The news crawl added some subtle spin reporting that the Edwards campaign was using Coulter's remarks to get donations and they had raised a lot of cash this week. The crawl ran throughout the Fox Report and into The O'Reilly Factor.

This supported Coulter's hateful response to Elizabeth Edwards on Hardball this week and suggested that Coulter had been used by Edwards and was somehow the victim.

comment: I think John Edwards should milk Coulter's cruel rhetoric as much as possible. He deserves compensation for the constant attacks and smears from the Republican mouthpieces like Coulter. She may be an extreme example of GOP destructive viciousness but she's still their girl. So maybe it's good for them to realize that everytime she drops one of her verbal hate bombs, John Edwards will make more money.

Too bad for them that Coulter didn't respond to Elizabeth Edwards like a decent human being because it would have made the Republicans more attractive to voters. Let the hate mongers wallow in the reality that their continued support of Ann Coulter is costing them money and elections. Let them realize that John and Elizabeth Edwards are decent people but they're also very tough and very smart.