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Conspiracy Theorist Hannity Smears Obama’s Minister Again, Blames Hillary

Reported by Ellen - June 27, 2007 -

Less than a week after Sean Hannity made the questionable accusation that Hillary Clinton was behind some conspiracy to end conservative talk radio, Hannity blamed her for being behind negative press on Barack Obama and John Edwards and “alternating days” of whom she targeted. But within moments of saying that, Hannity baselessly attacked Obama’s minister and faith for the second night in a row and then Edwards. Is Hannity on Hillary’s oppo payroll? Just asking. With video.

At the beginning of Hannity’s portion in the second of a two-part discussion with Dick “blame the Clintons” Morris on last night's (6/26/07) Hannity & Colmes, Hannity said, “You can tell the left is a little threatened by Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani cause they’re ratcheting up their attacks and they ignore all the ethical issues of Hilllary.”

What a classic case of projection! While focusing relentlessly on Clinton scandals, Hannity and the “fair and balanced” networks’ prime time debate program have ignored the ethical issues of Giuliani, his partnership with someone (Bernard Kerik) who pled guilty to taking an unreported gift (think bribe) from a mob-related company, cocaine distribution charges filed against one of his state campaign chairmen, questions about his participation in the Iraq Study Group and his actions in the wake of 9/11. Have I gotten them all?

Then, in his next sentence, Hannity repeated the same phony claims against Obama’s minister from the night before. “So much has been made, for example, about Mitt Romney’s faith. Here’s Barack Obama. His minister holds these black separatist views about the black value system. I challenged him right here on this program about this.” Once again, Hannity distorted the actual conversation he had with Obama’s minister, Dr. Jeremiah Wright. As he did the night before, Hannity conveniently neglected to mention that Wright had explained quite clearly during that interview that his views are not separatist. How many nights will the “real journalism, fair and balanced” network allow him to spread these falsehoods?

Hannity, always ready to attack blacks, continued, “You know, Obama goes out there attacking the religious right. What about the religious left? …What about the Reverend Sharpton and the Reverend Jackson and others?”

Morris didn’t bite, saying that about the same percentage of liberal and conservative Americans are church-going. Morris called it a “pretty shrewd political move” by Clinton and Obama to galvanize religious liberals.

Oh, that was so not what Hannity wanted to hear. So he ratcheted up his own smears. “I think all the attacks against Barack Obama and John Edwards – I get the impression the Hillary camp is, you know, alternating days, going after one after the other, using the press to leak these negative stories against both of them and I don’t think either one of them has effectively come up with a strategy to defend themselves.” He conveniently ignored Elizabeth Edwards’ confrontation with Ann Coulter on Hardball that very day which drew thunderous applause from the live audience and a (currently) 94% approval rating on their poll.

Morris, who not long ago blamed Hillary without evidence for the phony Obama madrassa smear, didn’t directly endorse Hannity’s theory but slyly advanced it nonetheless. “Certainly, the New York Times – you know, which still rules the conventional media, went out of its way to savage John Edwards with a front page story and a full inside story that essentially said nothing other than that he’s rich. And absolutely no coverage of Hillary’s stuff.”

Hannity used that to launch into an attack on Edwards. “But they went into detail about this, this group that he formed after the 2004 election where he’s basically using it to further his political ambition when it was supposed to be a charity for poverty.”

Morris snidely insinuated, “But my question is, OK, he’s at 14% in the polls. The person who’s at 38% in the polls has had 3.3 million dollars drawn into her personal checking account that she maintains with her husband from a company that the New York Times, itself, identified as selling lists of elderly with Alzheimer’s, and vulnerable elderly, to con men to call.”

As the segment was ending, Alan Colmes broke in to ask Morris, “Do you have any evidence that Hillary Clinton’s behind attacks on other candidates?”

“Just past precedence, Alan,” Hannity interrupted, though there has yet to be any proof of such a thing.

Morris said, “No, I don’t but I do know that the only operation that can afford that extensive a research is one of the candidates and in particular, it’s Hillary.”

“But there is no evidence,” Colmes said.

By the way, earlier in the discussion, Morris made the dubious claim that the only reason another 9/11 hasn’t happened is because “we have a pretty good goalie in Washington making save after save after save.”

If you’d like to contact FOX News and ask them why Hannity is allowed to repeat distortions about Obama’s minister, you can contact them at comments@foxnews.com. You can also contact Hannity at hannity@foxnews.com or Colmes at colmes@foxnews.com.