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BOR finally acknowledges "carnage du jour" has a name

Reported by Chrish - June 27, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly has recently made some defensive statements about his (and FOX's in general) lack of coverage of the daily happenings in Iraq, using callous language and accusing the rest of the media who report on the war of aiding the enemy and trying to undermine Bush. Tonight 6/26/07 he saw fit to honor one fallen soldier, Pfc. Daniel Agami, who was singled out for recognition because Bill O'Reilly had met him personally on his (one) trip to Iraq.
With video (Caution; it is infuriating.)

To make matters worse, O'Reilly expolited this young man's death and used it as a launching pad to defend the war as a noble cause (failing to mention the initial excuse of finding WMDs) and to attack people who believe other wise, that the war is about oil "or other venal reasons."
O'Reilly supports the US (Bush) "pull back" of troops if the surge hasn't made significant progress (whatever that means) by September, which he takes pains to differentiate from "cutting and running."

And yet again this propagandist promises to keep reporting on the "dishonest media using a political agenda when reporting on Iraq." Unbelievable.

Comments: After his unforgiveable remarks about the "carnage du jour" O'Reilly owes apologies to the families of the other 3,566 fallen who did not merit his attention or "caring".

CNN has a comprehensive listing of US fatalities in Iraq, which must be a source of some small comfort and pride to the tens of thousands of loved ones devastated by these senseless, needless deaths. And of course Iraq Coalition Casualties has maintained a continuously updated site since the beginning of the madness.