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What's gotten into John Gibson?

Reported by Chrish - June 26, 2007 -

Yesterday 6/25/07 John Gibson made me laugh, and today he shocked me into giving him an "attaboy." What the hell?

Reading yesterday's viewer email, he read one from a fan who said he looked "fabulous," "chic," and "stunning" last Friday, and asked him to not change a thing, "you tall, handsome Texan!" I was thinking, alternately, how egotistical of him to read that and hmm, must be his wife. He replied to the writer, however, saying "Lisa, go to the eye doctor, and get someone else to drive you there." I cracked up, with the crew off camera.

Tonight 6/26/07 in his My Word, Gibson struck a bell for common sense over bigotry, coming out in favor of the State Dept. hiring gay Arabic-language translators who were booted from the military under the don't ask - don't tell policy. He reaffirmed his opposition to gay marriage but admitted he won't get all upset if it becomes the law, as it seems destined to be.

He did make a nonsensical slap at John Edwards: "I would just hasten to say that while I'm quite comfortable with gay people, unlike, say, John Edwards...," an untruth. John Edwards is uncomfortable with marriage equality, unlike his wife and older daughter, but is working on coming around to the idea.