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Paris Hilton Release THE Big Story On Fox & Friends

Reported by Donna - June 26, 2007 -

This morning on Fox and Friends you would have thought that it was the E Story about Paris Hilton. After being one of the top stories, it remained there for the rest of the show.

At the start of the program the Fox & Friends crew said that this was "the moment everyone has been waiting for." They also said that this was a "sight to see" as they showed over and over again the footage of Paris Hilton leaving jail and walking into her waiting mom's arms. We also heard that Steve Doocy liked Paris Hilton's outfit.

Comment: Once again Fox and Friends is reduced to a tabloid show. Serious news? You won't find it here. The war in Iraq remains Missing In Action on Fox & Friends, alongside a lot of other stories (i.e., politics, etc.) They did, however, find time to allow a high school valedictorian to say his prayer that he was excluded from saying in his valedictorian speech. Doocy even said the young man got the last laugh because more people heard his prayer than would have heard it at the high school.

There you have it -- Paris Hilton and prayers - the Fox & Friends lineup.