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O'Reilly's Squad Confronts John Edwards So Bill Can Have His Reaction Analyzed

Reported by Deborah - June 26, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly had his body language guru, Tanya Reiman, give a thoroughly meaningless analysis of Paris Hilton's walk to freedom and then he took an unneccesary shot at John Edwards. with video

O'Reilly showed a clip of his busy traveling lackeys confronting Edwards to get a reaction at a campaign stop. It was obviously done for Bill's amusement so he could use the clip to hopefully ridicule Edwards on The Factor.

The squad did their usual bit approaching with their mic and baiting Edwards by mentioning Bill O'Reilly and FOX. Edwards was polite but continued to greet the people in the crowd without responding to the bait. O'Reilly chuckled that Edwards doesn't like FOX asking Reiman for some dirt.

She was on the spot because Edwards was totally pleasant and non confrontational but she needed to come up with something for the hungry bully. Reiman then pointed out that Edwards' non shaking hand was clenched which she claimed indicated agitation. Of course, we have no way of knowing if John Edwards always keeps his hand clenched. However, if he was agitated, who can blame him after the things O'Reilly has said.

comment: This was a just a petty and immature stunt but significant because Bill O'Reilly has singled Edwards out as his new victim. He will continue to pick and poke at Edwards every chance he gets but O'Reilly just might find this incessant bullying will backfire on him. I hope so.