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According to Neil Cavuto's Logic, Rupert Murdoch is Drunk

Reported by Melanie - June 26, 2007 -

Neil Cavuto was insolent today (June 26, 2007) during a segment questioning why in the world Wall Street "money guys" like Warren Buffett are throwing a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton tonight, "hoping to raise big bucks." If Cavuto's audience knew one big, important fact, Cavuto would have been laughed off stage.

Cavuto introduced the roundtable panel with this:

Wall Street insiders, led by billionaire Warren Buffett, who says he hasn't made up his mind on the race still, holding a big fundraiser tonight in New York City that will benefit -- Hillary Clinton. The same Hillary Clinton who said this less than a week ago:

'I believe that the foundation of a strong economy doesn't begin with giving people who are already privileged and wealthy even more benefits. I think it comes from shared prosperity.'

Shared prosperity? Is that really what Wall Street wants? Well, Fortune magazine seems to think so. Its cover says 'Business Loves Hillary!' Does it?

Cavuto introduced the panelists and turned to Fortune's Adam Lashinsky:

Adam, I know you didn't write this story but you're from Fortune. Ah, I don't get it. I read the article. I don't see it. I see someone who wants to raise taxes. I see someone who wants to revisit trade deals, and I see someone who wants to even look into some corporation's profits. If that's what business likes, then they're drunk.

Lashinsky said the business community is looking for "a winner" and they think Clinton has "about as good a chance as anyone," and "it's just not as scary as you make it out."

Gary B. Smith said he thinks it's "one of those keep-your-enemies-close kind of strategies that they're using," but, "I do think that any business leader who thinks Hillary is going to be good is drunk."

Cheryl Casone of Fox Business Now said Clinton, "does have experience with health care," and, "the one place that she would benefit business would be the health care sector." She isn't, "going to blow-up the private insurance industry and the health industry as a whole."

Cavuto said he got the impression from reading the article that Fortune interviewed four or five Wall Street guys who like Clinton and "based on just a few people telling them that, they slap her on the cover."

Tobin Smith said he was stuck on the tarmac in an airplane with Clinton for three and a half hours recently and, "just to hear the conversation she had. One second she sounds like a saber toothed tiger, the next second she sounds like a soft pussycat. I mean, this woman is an actress supreme."

Comment: What "fair and balanced" Cavuto didn't tell his audience was that his boss, an apparently "drunk" Rupert Murdoch, held a fundraiser for the "actress supreme" last July.