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Ohio murder tops the Big Story

Reported by Chrish - June 25, 2007 -

Today 6/25/07 The Big Story included no news from the war zones, nothing from Congress or the White House, no world affairs and nothing from the business sector. The trend continues to local and sensational dramas that touch us as humans but do nothing to better inform us. We're moved, we're outraged, we're relieved, we're entertained, but we're not wiser for watching the daily BS.

Let's see, today's big emotion-getter was the tragic murder of pregnant mother Jessie Davis, which occupied 18 minutes of the program. Paris Hilton, "Pants" Pearson, and the fires in Lake Tahoe each got about 4 minutes, and the royal love affair (on again) between Prince William and Kate warranted 2 minutes. Rosie O'Donnell declining an offer to host The Price Is Right got a minute (that included speculation that she'll get an NBC daytime talk show AND an MSNBC evening show) (I can hear Bill O'Reilly already).

Oh, and the SCOTUS ruled against free speech in high schools that might be construed as illegal drug use advocacy (the Bong hits 4 Jesus case). But best not to talk about that; it got under 1 minute of attention.

This is increasingly the National Enquirer of tee vee, complete with the asinine graphics (that Gibson reads to his guests and audience). Do people really think they're watching the news when this is on?