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Bill O'Reilly Calls John Edwards A Phony and Self Indulgent

Reported by Deborah - June 25, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly claims he doesn't do name calling but tonight was just another one of the many exceptions to O'Reilly's self proclaimed code of ethics. Tonight he branded Edwards a phony and self indulgent during his intro of a segment about Edward's charitable organization which was created in 2005 right after the 2004 election. Eamon Javers, Business Week, wrote an article casting doubt without evidence that Edwards organization was somehow shady.

In 2005 after the election when John Edwards, no longer a Senator, decided to raise awareness about the problems of poverty in America. He started the a non-profit, The Center For Progress and Opportunity, and began lecturing around the country to enlighten people about the issue. He also created a foundation that provided $300,000 for scholarships in North Carolina.

O'Reilly announce that the New York Times advanced the Business Week story "a little, not a lot." This probably killed him to mention at all after raving about NYT's liberal bias. In fact, it seems the New York Times advanced the story a lot expanding it from a blurb into a two page article.

Javers and O'Reilly thought it was fishy that Edwards hired his campaign staff to work at the non-profit. In fact, that would make complete sense to anyone not looking for a scandal because why wouldn't Edwards want to employ people he knows and trusts. They speculated about the 1.3 million dollars raised despite the fact that $300,000. went to scholarships. Javers did mention that he had talked to student recipients of the scholarships who were very grateful.

O'Reilly made the salaries paid to staffers sound questionable. Both speculated that it was just a way for Edwards to pay for campaigning. They didn't mention that Edwards had no plans to run in 2005 especially since his wife Elizabeth had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. O'Reilly concluded with a nasty smirk, "This is a ruse."

MyDD has posted some interesting numbers from Iowa putting Edwards way ahead at 34%. I don't suppose Edward's rising numbers have anything to do with this ridiculous attack. Here's the response from John Edwards website.