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O'Reilly and Malkin Use Week In Review Segment To Bash NBC

Reported by Deborah - June 24, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly and Michelle Malkin teamed up on Friday, 6/22, for an unfair and unbalanced review of the week's news stories. After spending less than 30 seconds on Iraq, O'Reilly shifted the discussion to NBC and he and Malkin spent the rest of the segment on his liberal media obsession.

O'Reilly was thrilled to report that the Paris Hilton interview deal with NBC had fallen through and actually took credit for it. Malkin let him have his delusion while she launched into one of her blah blah tirades about "checkbook journalism"and "dinosaur networks".

Bill got a chance to repeat once again how NBC decided to tilt left because FOX was "kickin their butt" so they figured since people didn't like Bush they made a business decision to go left hiring horrible and dishonest people. He was outraged that NBC reported the story about the the 7 children killed in Afganistan.

According to Bill, Fox News walks on water compared to the other networks. FOX never pays for interviews and only one person got caught making a political contribution. They got so caught up in their joyous media bashing, the weekly review was forgotten.

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