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More Bamboozle On The Big Story

Reported by Chrish - June 24, 2007 -

NOTE: guest blogged by Priscilla

Last night’s Big Story (June 23rd) was consumed by discussion and speculation about the events in the case of Jesse Davis, a pregnant Ohio woman who had been missing for more than a week. (Comment: yet another missing white woman case followed very, very closely by Fox News). While waiting for the police press conference, we were treated to constant interviews with legal and law enforcement types and constant film footage of the citizen searchers who had gathered in front of a municipal building. But Banderas was able to work in one actual hard news segment.

Webster’s dictionary defines “bamboozle” as “to conceal one’s true motives by elaborately feigning good intentions.” (Comment: Fox barely conceals) “Bamboozled” is also the title of a book, by Fox fave Angela McGlowan, which claims to describe “how Americans are being exploited by the lies of the liberal agenda.” It is also the title of a Spike Lee movie which deals in black racial stereotypes in the media, using the Minstrel Show as a motif.

Ms. McGlowan was on hand, with Susan Estrich, to discuss the contention of the Bush administration that the Executive Office is exempt from a presidential executive order designed to safeguard classified information.

In previewing the upcoming segment, Banderas referred to a “tug of war” between Representative Rahm Emanuel and the Vice President. She added that Cheney’s office says that it doesn’t have to comply because it isn’t an Executive office, and under that claim, Representative Emanuel is seeking to pull executive funding from that office. Banderas said that Bush “gave an order and in that order, the office of the Executive branch is required to tell an oversight office what information they classify and declassify.” And lest you think that Fox is trying to bamboozle you, she added “I’m glad we’re tackling the subject for all of you out there who are under the impression that Fox News is a bunch of cheerleaders for the Republicans. (Comment: ya think!!!!!!!) We’re not and we’re going to report the story the same as we would if this was a Democrat.” (Comment: bamboozle alert!)

She noted that “first Cheney said that he was exempt and now Bush is saying that he’s exempt from a law that he issued in 2003.” (Comment: it wasn’t a law; but an Executive Order.) To Ms. Estrich (a law professor) she asked “how is this possible?” Estrich said that the Executive Order applies to the entire Executive Branch and that the two provisions cited by the White House don’t even mention the Vice President. She then noted that the Order was originally issued during the Clinton administration (at which point McGlowan shouted “thank you”) and revised during the Bush presidency.

Banderas then asked McGlowan why she was thanking Estrich. McGlowan, programmed with her perfunctory right wing talking points, said the “liberal mainstream media would have you think that the order came directly from Bush; but it has been modified and augmented to protect national security information.” She claimed that the Vice President is “technically exempt” because he is president of the senate and casts a tie breakin

g vote. Banderas then acted as a Bush “cheerleader” when she asked the leading question “Shouldn’t classified national security information be just that? Why would people want to expose classified information that could potentially put nation at risk and allow an independent watchdog to reveal it all?” More bamboozle when McGlowan replied that “the day has changed since 9-11” and that because of government leaks “we now find classified information in the NY Times.” She said, loudly, that “I think it’s a shame and I can see why congressional ratings are as low as 24% and it was as low as that during the 70’s during the energy crisis because Rahm Emanuel wants to do a debate to take funding away from the Executive Branch.” (Comment: forget bamboozle, this was just plain incoherent.)

Ms. Estrich concluded the segment by extending her sympathy to the family of Jesse Davis and stating that the administration will need to “back down” because “there’s no question that they’re part of the Executive branch.” She stated that “nobody is releasing information” because this is a matter of how we are dealing with information and that “after the Libby affair, Cheney doesn’t have a leg to stand on” – at which point, McGlowan shouted “tell that to the NY Times.”

Comment: Whether from sloppy research or Bush “cheerleading,” Banderas' summation didn’t include the fact that Cheney has refused requests from the Information Security Oversight Office to submit reports (per the Executive Order) and requested that Bush amend the order to close the ISOO. (This website has an excellent summation.) Thankfully, Estrich was able to offer some coherency to the discussion. But for Fox News, coherency is less important than bamboozle.

NOTE: guest blogged by Priscilla