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Harold Ford, Jr. Silent As Hannity Accuses Democrats Of Emboldening The Enemy And Betraying The Troops

Reported by Ellen - June 24, 2007 -

Chalk up Harold Ford, Jr., up as another disappointing Democrat on FOX News. He didn’t seem to mind a bit when Sean Hannity claimed that Democrats have “emboldened the enemy and betrayed these troops,” or that the scripted introduction to his segment distorted the approval ratings for the Democratic Congress. Ford’s only “defense” of Democrats was to say that the country has a right to be “equally repulsed” by the president. With video.

The premise for the Hannity & Colmes discussion on 6/21/07 was a new Gallup poll which, as a graphic on the screen said, found only 14% had either a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in Congress. What they didn’t report was that Congress’ overall approval rating is 24%. Nothing to brag about, that’s for sure, but the 14% figure was misleading. But Ford didn’t seem to know or care.

Earlier in the week, it was reported that Gen. Wesley Clark had left FOX News and had been replaced by Ford. The news was disappointing because Gen. Clark was the only FOX News military person who was not a cheerleader for Bush’s military “strategy.” FOX News claimed that the replacement was because Ford looks better than Clark but one can’t help but think that what FOX News saw was that Clark could be counted on to make a cogent, forceful argument for diplomacy and restraint.

Ford, on the other hand, couldn’t come up with a good word to say on behalf of his own party. He had no objection when Rick Santorum, the other guest, said that the issue that has hurt Congress the most is immigration. Ford also played right into Hannity’s playbook by saying that Congress is not working on important issues, only investigations.

For the zillionth time, Alan Colmes had to step in and make a Democratic pundit’s points for him. He noted that Congress is working on the important issue of immigration. Ford did not disagree.

When Hannity made the dubious claim that “(People) feel like (Democrats, as led by Senator Harry Reid) have emboldened the enemy and betrayed these troops,” Ford quickly said, “I don’t associate myself with (Harry Reid)” then offered his lame rebuttal that the country has a right to be "equally repulsed" by the president as by Democrats. That wasn't even faint praise!

Colmes jumped in at the end to add that the public is not just mad at Democrats, but at Republicans and the president, too.

Ford replied, “If they don’t make tangible progress and achieve results, they won’t hold on to the majority. And the Republicans won’t win the White House.”

Sadly, it's not uncommon for Democrats to fail to confront Hannity on his outrageous rhetoric but, as Taylor Marsh pointed out, Ford is the head of the Democratic Leadership Council. That makes his failure not just wimpy but a disgrace!