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Early Summer Edition of News Hounds' Hate Mail

Reported by Melanie - June 24, 2007 -

Here is our most recent collection (June 24, 2007) of hate mail. The messages below appear here exactly as they do in our inbox. Nothing has been changed or corrected, including spelling and punctuation, ah, typos, but I have omitted names to protect these poor brainwashed souls.

Why people spend their time writing hate mail, I don't know, but here they are.

May 20
Subject: here's another one for your hatemail

I see more hate from liberals than I do from Repub's. And why are you so afraid of Fox News. Where is your page being critical of ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, New York Times which owns and controls newspapers all over this country. How is it that when probably 95% of the news info sources in this country favor the liberal side you can't find evil there. Well I guess a turd can't smell another turd. If someone knows to checkout under your heading "about" then when I see the words "MoveOn.org" I know what that means. It means lies are a very effect tool when something is repeated endlessly, lies become truth when the reader is indoctrinated by public school systems also run by liberals. The Communist government of the Soviet Union knew to get control of the children, who were even used to turn in their own parents. Something is wrong in this country, and it's not Fox News.

May 22
Subject: interesting blog

I like your underlining headline. "We watch Fox so you don't have to" What's wrong, you don't people to be exposed to different opinions? It sounds kind of narrow minded don't you think. It sounds to me as if someone is afraid of something, of course I could be wrong.

May 22
Subject: hi again!

You girls that run newshounds are a bunch of NAPPY-HEADED HOES!!!!!!!

May 23
Subject: "We watch FOX so you don't have to"

So you support a liberal media monopoly?

May 23
Subject: (no subject)

Hello libs.Been reading Your crap and wonder who is paying YOU /? Is it Arabs or far left ? will You tell the truth?

May 24
Subject: Really?

To whom it may concern,
After stumbling onto your site, I can actually see why left wing wacko's really dislike fox. Before fox, all the news we had access to was one sided crap. Even if you say that fox is one sided, even though it's not, so what. Left wing news; guess what there is a new breed in town. Thank goodness. I think the reason that the left is so mad, is because there is finally someone reporting the slime in America. You make mention about the ACLU, they are pigs, and are completely out of touch with American values. They used to be a great organization before the left wing sicko's and the lawyers, and even the judges took over. Chavez is a "communist" as far as I am concerned. How can this man say anything he wants about our own commander and chief and not get called out on it. You guys are pathetic. And so what if we ship out the "undocumented immigrants", another thing they are illegal immigrants. Call a spade a spade. That is why the left wing agenda is failing in this country. I want you all to know that you are a dying breed. You can bring in as many illegals that you want, take them to the polls, that is the only way that you can win. Even they will wake up one day, and I think that the tide is still turning towards the right. Air America, what a joke, back but for how long! Can't you people see that you can try to get through to people over the air, but it will not work. You have had your chance throughout the years and it hasn't worked yet. Fox news will set you all in your place. Radio will not work for your agenda, there is not a judge or a lawyer to present your case and have it shoved down the throats or ears in this case of Americans. And besides, the majority of people that listen to the radio for news have IQ's over 20. Anybody that could listen to Air America for longer than 5 mins has to be a moron. Thank you for your time, I hope that you have as much success with this site as Air America did on the radio!!

May 25
Subject: Marie Therese

You’re a BITCH!!!!!

June 1
Subject: Colorado

Are you kidding me???? You guys actually think what was being discussed at that Colorado school was appropriate? Well, I am glad it is your children listening to this garbage and not mine. Bill O'Reilly doesn't owe anyone at that school an apology. As a matter of fact, I am willing to bet that when the truth comes out, several of the teachers and hopefully the principal wil be fired. People like you disgust me. Wake up google.........we love our kids and we are their first line of protection.

June 5

Dear Mutts, are you terrified the $MAN is back? Threatening someone for expressing their 1st Amendment Right on a site that spews hatred against a SET GROUP OF PEOPLE, is what your pal HOBO AKA HUGO, is doing. Now you love censorship of all that does not agree with your sick AMERICAN HATING COMMUNIST view of this GREAT COUNTRY, CORRECT? Now don't deny it since you are threatening someone that does not agree with you. It's in print so no denying it. Turn me in to my ISP. Your site is harassment to me for your FOX HATING, AMERICAN HATING, COMMUNIST LOVING HUG A HOBO. I will do the same and demand that since you threaten and degrade those that exercise their RIGHTS are denigrated by a group of hatemongers.

June 13
Subject: grow up and get a clue you whinning babies

(No text.)

June 13
Subject: Boulder High Scool

Hey Dirt bags,

It's time for you left wing NUT CASES to review a story before you spew your bigoted views suggesting the lecture at a PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL (that means funded by tax payers if you dolts don't know) was appropriate. As a parent, I KNOW the difficulties of balancing information coming from you idiots promoting drug use and casual sex.

I heard the "dirtbag" lecturer offering his advice to 14-17 year olds suggesting the positives of smart drug use. Are you kidding me ?

GET A LIFE SCUMBAGS !!!! I can't wait until my kids are "firing" your kids for smoking weed in the company bathroom. But, thankfully, there's always the welfare system to support your kids.

June 13
Subject: Great Work

You and your website represent the scum in America. You are an infection that will be eradicated in the near future. I would never want anyone to lose a loved one, in war, to protect the likes of you and your kind.

You disgusted me. I would rather pull our troops out of the the middle east and risk the fanatical Islamic terrorists coming here than have any one of my loved ones fight to preserve you being able to spout your idiotic thoughts.

Burn in Hell

June 16
Subject: Fair and balanced

I watch Fox News for the truth. I certainly did not get it from Dan Rather. How can these people who make a career out of bashing a President, who has tried his best to protect this country from a massive terrorist attack, by using all types of generalizations and no facts? I can say someone is stupid all I want and if I don't back it up with facts then what kind of person am I? A man who can fly a modern fighter jet and is accepted and graduated from the toughest B school in the world and makes grades higher than Kerry is certainly not dumber than a false hero that told lies about his "Band of brothers" to foster favor with a traitor like Hanoi Jane. You are full of it. You are ugly. You are lying. You are stupid. Prove otherwise. See how it works.

June 16
Subject: Mother Theresa

You certainly are a classless bitch.

Have fun on your left leaning site!

Hope you can afford medication.

June 21
Subject: Liberals

Definition of a liberal: Liberals are like a raccoon, if they can't fu*k
something up they'll s#it on it.

June 23
Subject: Panhandling liberals

When will you bedwetters get it? The Godfather Rush Limbaugh signed a 300 million dollar, ten year contract last year because when he talks he competes in the world of free enteprise, he has NEVER had an icon on his webpage for "donations"! You are pitiful idiots, FOX news has buried the left-wing liberal drive-by media because they are balanced and they rule the TV news and The Godfather rules the radio world. Hows airhead amerika and al franken doing? BANKRUPTCY! and thats after BEGGING for money throughout their miserable existence and now franken is trying to run for office! PITIFUL! The fact that you cannot compete should tell you losers something! The reason you morons are watching FOX is because thats what most of the damn country is watching! Get a Life!

Comment: Interesting glimpse into the world of Fox's audience, don't you think?