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Smear Against Boxer and Clinton Cut Short by Noisy Alarm Clock!

Reported by Marie Therese - June 22, 2007 -

More disinformation from the fair and balanced "news" channel. This morning during FOX & Friends First, a phony-baloney, over-hyped, trumped-up story of importance only to conservative talk radio hosts was literally interrupted by an alarm clock! This one's too funny! With video.

Last night, as Ellen reported, a nasty, pathetic little radio talk show host named Bill Cunningham appeared on Hannity & Colmes to spew forth his bilious insults against the concept of progressive talk radio. He was aided and abetted by Sean Hannity. Cunningham engaged in one of the most vicious personal attacks against a FOX News host - Alan Colmes - that I have ever witnessed anywhere. Although it was obvious from his clenched jaw and grim expression that Colmes was furious, he maintained his professional demeanor and attempted to engage Cunningham on the ideas and facts - to no avail.

The conservative talk radio world has been thrown into a tizzy by another sad little man, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), who is clearly not adjusting well to the fact that he is no longer a top banana in the Senate.

According to F&F this morning, Inhofe claimed, during an interview on a Los Angeles radio station, that he was in an elevator in the Senate Building and overheard Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer discussing a "legislative fix" to the overwhelmingly conservative bias of talk radio. Doocy claimed it was a "fairly recent" event.

The first attempt at "reporting" this "story" was interrupted - hilariously - by an alarm clock that Doocy had set nine minutes earlier in order to demonstrate how he wakes up his sleepy teenage son.

Later, however, Doocy and Gretchen Carlson rehashed the story, using Inhofe's accusations and a flawed, inaccurate, unscientific, incomplete MSNBC "survey" of 144 journalists to "prove" their point that poor conservatives have only talk radio to turn to for their kind of news. Why? Because the rest of the media is so dominated by "liberals" (code word for "Democrats"). Don't these guys ever get sick and tired of beating a dead horse?

In fact, as Chrish noted in her O'Reilly post last night, MSNBC listed only FIVE talk radio hosts listed, all Democrats. Additionally, MSNBC's researchers used only Election 2004 donation records. As Jane Hall pointed out to Bill O'Reilly last night, she uncovered names that had been left off the list if you expanded your search parameters to other elections. (While she was not allowed by O'Reilly to elaborate, the ones I found are embedded in the video below. A tease: Hannity donated money to Jeanine Pirro's campaign. She's a frequent guest on his show.)*

This story continues FOX News' pattern of using flawed reports to defame the Democratic party. Another example of this is Steve Doocy's scurrilous and false attack on Barack Obama's education. The concept of in-depth research is a thing of the past at FOX News and, now, it would seem, at MSNBC as well.

* Post updated on 6-22-07 at 9:18 PM EDT - MT