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O'Reilly cites (sorta) list of political donors as proof of liberal media bias

Reported by Chrish - June 22, 2007 -

Predictably, Bill O'Reilly was exalting tonight 6/21/07 over a new "list" which supposedly indicates that journalists tend to be liberal. He did not cite any specifics or even mention where the study could be found, just rejoiced in its confirmation of his media-is-liberal mantra.
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From the report O'Reilly extrapolated that American journalists donate to liberals 9 times more than to conservatives, and claimed that "nearly every study" shows that liberals dominate the industry. (Hmm, see study below.) O'Reilly patronizingly said there's nothing wrong with that, "as long as their reporting is not tainted by their ideology." He claims "tilting the news left" is happening more and more, which here outside the all-spin zone means the news is worse and worse for Bush and Republicans.

After patting himself on the back for not donating to campaigns because "his beat" is to watch all the politicians, he self-righteously proclaimed that "It's wrong for the media to beat up those with whom they disagree." Really? See here, here, here here, here, and here, for starters, and then say that again with a straight face.

Coverage of FOX is mostly negative, he said (I believe the expression is boo-frickin'-hoo), and it's a puzzle because their talent is great, presentation is terrific, and they have the best ratings. What's not to like? (CONTENT.)

He concluded that but what you see and hear is filtered through the left-wing media, so buyer beware.

But back to that study that he so briefly referenced:

A look at the study results shows that only 144 newspeople made the list. Highlighting the incompleteness of the list (and its utter uselessness in supporting BillO's preconceptions and , in my opinion, anything else meaningful) is the "radio" section, which lists, in its entirety, this line-up of donors:

(D) Air America and CBS Radio, Betsy Rosenberg-Zimmerman, environment talk show host and environment reporter.

(D) National Public Radio, Corey Flintoff, newscaster.

(D) National Public Radio, Michelle Trudeau, correspondent.

(D) NPR affiliate in Washington, WAMU, Susan Goodman, reporter.

(D) WWJ News Radio, Detroit, Vickie B. Thomas, reporter.

That's it. No Rush. No Sean. No Gibby. No Savage. No Spin-meister. No Malkin, no Ingraham, no Beck, no Gallagher, no Boortz.... You get the picture: no reality. Apologies to the authors, but this is truly a meaningless list.

Another study recently released by the Center for American Progress and disregarded by O'Reilly concluded that a full 91% of talk radio programming is conservative. This mass marketing of conservative ideology to a huge segment of the population (50 million listeners a week, by some estimates) has public interest implications that are being addressed by CAP:

"There is little free speech or free choice in a market system that pushes out one-sided information 90 percent of the time on the radio," said John Halpin, senior fellow at CAP. "Radio stations are licensed to operate in the public interest. Promoting one point of view over all others does not meet any reasonable public-interest standard. We need to restore the original purpose of broadcast licensing to ensure that radio stations are responsive to local and community needs."

So when Bill O'Reilly or anyone else claims that "the media" is liberal, ask them why they don't consider talk radio part of the media? 50 MILLION listeners are getting a right-wing indoctrination every week. Let's start talking about THAT Republican elephant in the room.