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John Gibson calls it a "slow news week" ... wait'll Paris gets out of jail next week, the BS will be flying!

Reported by Chrish - June 22, 2007 -

The Big Story was pure tabloid again today 6/21/07, most prominently the local mystery of the mssing pregnant woman in Canton Ohio (the first 18 minutes of the program were uninterrupted coverage, from different perspectives, of the story). Throughout the show was the teaser for the exciting climax of the show, an interview with Jessica Simpson's trainer who recently helped the starlet lose twenty pounds - just in time for swimsuit season! Alas for viewers, the anticipated babe-a-thong never appeared, as Neil Cavuto took all those videos home for the weekend.

Viewers were also brought up to date on Mike Nifong, the disgraced former prosecutor in North Carolina, and the possibility of him serving jail time. There were a couple of horror stories, about an accident at an amusement park and a crossing guard/ child molester, and what was hyped as a tantrum by Lindsay Lohan's father (not hardly. I've seen O'Reilly behave much, much worse, and his show is edited.) It appears NBC won't be getting that Paris Hilton interview after all, but we got another look at that bondage footage.

So, wrapping up with his My Word "Friday Finals" winners and losers, Gibson recapped HIS week: winners Rosie O'Donnell, NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg (who prompted the "slow news week explains all" comment), and the Clintons, for their ad. Losers are Mike Nifong, NBC, and Judge "Pants" Pearson.

Gibson's show ignored a couple of BIG news stories that are just too ugly: Dick Cheney declares himself off limits; 15 US troops killed in a 48-hour period; Congress considering issuing subpoenas to compel people in the White House to talk; Bush's approval ratings continue to tank; the US and Britain are moving to immediately shut down the IAEA and remenants of UNMOVIC in Iraq; private contractor casualties in Iraq are being under-reported and perhaps even concealed; the fired US attorney case continues.

At least I got the laundry folded so the hour wasn't a complete waste of time.