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James Inhofe Dramatically Changes His Story re Hillary Clinton & Barbara Boxer Conspiring Against Right Wing Radio

Reported by Melanie - June 22, 2007 -

Republican James Inhofe of Oklahoma appeared via telephone on Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (June 22, 2007) and dramatically changed some "facts" relative to a conversation between Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer that he claims to have overheard. The new information is so significant that it calls Inhofe's whole story into question.

By way of background, Inhofe was interviewed on The John Zeigler Show (KFI 640 AM in L.A.) yesterday. In the interview, Inhofe recounted how he was "going over to vote the other day," when he overheard Clinton and Boxer conspiring to rein in right wing talk radio. Here's the audio.

An hour before that interview aired, the Drudge Report put up a huge headline under a picture of Clinton and Boxer that read: SENATOR CLAIMS: BOXER/CLINTON WANT 'LEGISLATIVE FIX' FOR TALKRADIO. (Listen to Zeigler giggling about how cool it is that Drudge posted his headline an hour before the interview here. Go down the right side and click on "6/21: 'The show makes news before it starts.'") That Drudge headline was up until about two hours ago.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the progressive think tank, the Center for American Progress (CAP) issued a report titled, The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio. It documents how the news/talk radio format, which reaches more than 50 million listeners each week, is "undeniably" dominated by conservatives.

Last night on Hannity & Colmes, Sean Hannity picked up on the CAP's report and on Inhofe's allegations and claimed that there must be some sort of conspiracy going on between Clinton and the CAP because it's director, John Podesta, is Clinton's "best friend," and they must be "trying to come up with a blueprint to silence conservatives..."

This morning, during a segment on Fox & Friends First, Fox picked up where it left off when Steve Doocy claimed that this was a "fairly recent" event.

Today on Your World, Cavuto jumped into this fray, which has been the hot topic on conservative radio all day, and invited Inhofe to appear (via telephone) on his show. During the interview, over a chyron that read, "Who is Lying?," Inhofe changed his story. Instead of saying that the alleged conversation between Clinton and Boxer took place when he was "going over to vote the other day," he said:

Here's the funny thing Neil. I've told this story well over a 100 times on the radio, on TV, in the last three years. I was going up the elevator with them -- this was about three years ago -- to vote and they were yelling and screaming and complaining about right wing radio...

(Emphasis added.)

Comment: Inhofe is caught on tape saying two drastically different things over the course of 24 short hours. He's a proven liar so I don't think we should believe much of anything he says. The righties are freaked out about the Center for American Progress' report and they're trying to shoot the messenger and anyone associated with it. This is a case study in the life and death of a coordinated, dishonest, right wing smear job.

Here's a clip of Cavuto's interview with Inhofe and, as an added bonus, one with conservative talk radio jock Neal Boortz, who Cavuto said, "could be in the crosshairs of all this." Boortz followed Inhofe. (Please excuse the little blip in the Boortz segment. A computer somewhere hiccuped.) Boortz was also on Hannity & Colmes last night (link above). These guys are all in bed together.

Oh, by the way, Clinton and Boxer have flatly denied that this ever happened.